Basic Rules of Football on the Field

For those of you who like the game of soccer, you are certainly familiar with the various rules in it. There are basic rules of football that must be obeyed so that the game can run more smoothly.

The excitement of the game in it can also be the reason why this soccer game is a game that is in great demand. Often lots of people crowd the stadium to watch their favorite team compete against their enemy.

When they see a match, they also have to follow the existing rules and must not violate the basic rules of football. In unogoal, for example, the audience may not provoke the ongoing game.

If there are supporters who provoke, for example by saying dirty words, lighting flares and fireworks in the middle of a competition, until they riot, they will be subject to punishment.

With the basic rules of football, this will also make the game more fun to watch. There are several rules that must be agreed upon when the match is in progress. What are the rules that must be obeyed by this player?

Commencement Rules for Competition Begins

basic rules of football

One of the basic rules in football that must be done is the sign of the start of the game. When the game is about to start, there must be some sign or start before the match takes place.

This is the basis of a soccer game. In this case, the referee will play a very important role in seeing the continuity of the start of the game. The referee will draw at the start of the match to determine which side of the court will be used by the competing team.

This lottery in the basic rules of football usually uses the coins that are thrown. As described in unogoal, for example, this coin has two sides that will represent the team.

For the team that wins the coin toss draw, they can choose which side of the court to use. For the losing team, later they can get the right to take the first kick or what is commonly known as the kick off.

However, the basic rules of football will also apply. Later, during the second half, the teams will swap positions for the field after the break.

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