Best Online Slots Provider With Biggest RTP

[TOP 5] Best Online Slots Provider With Biggest RTP

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Best online slots provider will give you hundreds to thousands of different choices. Lucky for you because we have compiled a very long list of the best online slots provider. These provider has been around for more than 2 to even 5 years. You will be in good hands when playing in these providers.

What is the Best Online Slots Provider List?

Our list today will give you many insights and information about the games that you need to try. You can use our list as a reference to learn more about online slot games. 

There are dozens that you can choose from. Amongst them all, be sure to pick ours so that you can get the best odds. Getting the best odds also means that you will constantly receive high rewards.

What to Expect from The Best Online Slots Provider

There are several things that you need to keep in mind when visiting the best online slots provider. Nowadays, online slots provider come with extra and new features. These features enhances the gameplay as well as the experience so that you can get the best out of your money.

1. High Quality Games

All of the best online slots provider and software must be able to give their players a high quality level game. These games must also include 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots, and even up to 8 reel slots. Having more options is a great thing. Because now all of the players can choose.

High quality games means that there will also be no bugs or glitches. It is very important for a website to be fair and not have any mistakes at all. The moment where there are mistakes, then this website should be avoided at all cost. As a player, try to only look for the high quality websites.

High quality games will always be updated almost every single week. This is important to prevent any glitches in the system. So the website will keep on improving these games until they are already optimum enough. This may be different for games that have already been released for a long time already.

2. Reliable Customer Service

Customer service is an important thing when it comes to online slot games. Playing in online casinos will also come with its unexpected trouble. These trouble can really get you in the line in which you cannot do a withdrawal or even a deposit. That is why it is important to find a reliable customer service.

The websites that we have curated and recommending to you have excellent customer service. Which means that they will give out high quality service. The time of response will also be very quick. Such as only around 5 minutes tops. This is what you can expect when looking for a top or best online slots site.

3. Fast Deposit and Withdraw System

Deposit and withdrawing your money is a part of the game. Players do a deposit before they play in a website. That is why playing in only the best sites is important to prevent any scams or tricks. On the other hand, withdrawing should also be as easy as depositing. You do not want to have any strings attached when you are transacting in a website.

Having a fast deposit and fast withdrawing system will enable all of the users to move their money. In return, these websites will have lots of players. Try to avoid all types of websites that makes it harder for you to withdraw. They do this by applying terms and conditions. So that players cannot withdraw their money from a website.

4. Many Free Spin and Bonuses

Free spins and bonuses are given to players very often and almost in every casino. Getting free spins is very fun because you actually do not have to put out too much money just to enjoy slots. Free spins also means that players will get spins without having to pay.

Usually the promotions and bonuses have terms and conditions. You can only get free spins after playing a minimum of around $50 or around 1 hour. Playing in these websites are fun because the rewards that you get can easily be claimed. The free spins actually pay out real money instead of only demo spins.

There are also other types of bonuses to look out for in these websites. Some of the most notable type of bonus that you want to keep in mind is called as the welcome bonus. Welcome bonus is a welcome reward for any new players that had just made their new account.

You will be given money upon doing a first time deposit. The amount of money is usually around 50 % and equivalent to the amount of money that you deposit. Players usually make a lot of money to start off gambling in a best slot deposit website.

The Best Online Slots Provider

The Best Online Slots Provider

Down below are some of the best online slots provider. You can access these provider from many websites or directly to their website. Try one or two to find the best version for you.

PlaynGo Online Slots

Online slot gambling is indeed interesting because it has various animations. Animations when playing on PlaynGo are made according to the preferences of all of you. If you like fast animations, you can find these too. PlaynGo is a website that offers the brand new animations.

This slot provider wants to directly engage with the newest trends. The game that you will find in their website is much more fictional. Such as cartoon characters and cool animations. It would even feel as if you are playing a real game instead of only slot games.

RTP or return to player rate is the percentage chance of winning a bettor. If you want to receive a high percentage, you must try the game on PlaynGo. PlaynGo has a large RTP and reaches up to 98% and 99% respectively.

To start playing, you only need to press the game button and the main slot machine display will appear in front of you. The appearance of this slot machine can vary because there are so many variations. Playing in this website will make it less boring and you can enjoy many genres of slots.

Playtech Slots Online

Next up on our list today is known as Playtech. Playtech is a very popular slot developer and is based in Europe. Most of their games have already been enjoyed across Asia and America. Maybe you have at least tried their game around once or twice. Playtech became popular because their games are very simplistic to play.

Sometimes people do not want to try complicated games. Because learning new patterns and combinations can be exhausting. Instead, Playtech offers you many 3 reel slot games. The bonuses are also well explained without much hassle. Take for example free spin bonuses or even multiplier bonuses.

A player can hit any of these bonuses much easily. And if they do hit these bonuses then the money will directly cash out. Specifically for multiplier bonus, this is much better when done in Playtech slots.

Habanero Slots

Habanero is the king of online slot gambling. No other site can offer an RTP or return to player rate that goes as high as 99%. With an RTP of this size, you can increase your chances of getting the jackpot without having to lose. The jackpot on their site is also very large in nominal.

Customers who have just joined the world of online slot gambling must try the game from Habanero. This high RTP percentage will guarantee you will not lose when playing with us. Playing on this online slot website is so cheap and affordable. You can do so with money as low as $1 or even $0.10.

Of course, the prizes you get when playing at Habanero really depend on the amount of your bet. Players can increase the number of bets freely. So you no longer need to rely on or be burdened by the minimum bet.

Habanero slot gambling is guaranteed to be updated and there will be new slots every week. So far, our recommended game is Ocean King 3: Monster Awaken. Every slot gambling game at Habanero is followed by a unique way of playing. There are also symbols, pay lines, and reels that are unbeatable with all other slot games. If you want to try it, just register yourself to get free spins.


NetEnt is a website with the highest cash flow. Players can place bets up to $100 dollar in one spin. You can even use their multi spin feature to enjoy slot games  to the fullest extent. This means you can spin 3 slot machines at once and get triple reward.

Progressive jackpot is an additional jackpot type from NetEnt. Every second, the prize pool of the progressive jackpot continues to grow. So far, the total prize pool of NetEnt has reached more than10 million dollars The longer you play, the more money you can receive.

Of course there are only a few lucky players who can hit the progressive jackpot. So don’t miss this opportunity to become a billionaire in one day. NetEnt offers good gameplay and options to their players. You can pick normal jackpot slots or even progressive ones such as what we have mentioned before.


Microgaming offers easy registration for their players. The speed in which you can make an account is why people choose to play in their website. Simply press the registration button and friends will be taken to a special page for new members.

Microgaming also offers a very quick deposit process for all slot gambling lovers. To achieve this goal, they provide 3 different methods for depositing. Each of these methods can certainly speed up the deposit process. 

Examples include transfers via account numbers, digital wallets, and cryptocurrencies. After you send money to the account or address, then the transaction will automatically be validated.

All players will be ensured to receive a deposit bonus. The deposit bonus is useful as an additional balance for all of you. If you make a deposit in an increasing number, the bonus from microgaming will also be many times. Some players have even received up to hundreds of dollars in a single deposit. The deposit bonus is only given once for each new account.


You can choose a few provider amongst all of the websites we have listed. These websites are already certified and has been around for many years. We have made sure that these websites are popular and have active players everyday.

New players are encouraged to try one or two websites. Maybe you can find your favorite slot games after trying these provider down below. Register yourself and do a first time deposit to start playing in these websites we have recommended.


Down below are some of the answers to your questions. May you still have some confusion after reading this article. Feel free to read it down below and find the right answers.