How to Win Play the Game Blackjack 500?

How to Win Play the Game Blackjack 500?

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Those who often find themselves at casinos across Vegas will know what a blackjack 500 tournament is. This is the highest probability high stakes blackjack tournament in Las Vegas and is essentially an elimination challenge. It is also sometimes referred to as a shootout or shootout challenge.

This tournament is only offered in high stakes casinos where the casino can lose their franchise if they are found participating in this fashion. It is fairly unusual to find in regular casinos where the game is offered.

Typically, these high stakes blackjack tournaments are offered in high stakes casinos, such as in Aladdin, Park Place, Circus, Mirage, Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, Monte Carlo, Southpoint, Temptations, Treasure Island, Flamingo, King Tut’s, Cleopatra, lots of others. A point to remember when participating in these high stakes blackjack tournaments is that the house will normally never in any way interact with the players.

Rules of Game Blackjack 500:

Rules of Game Blackjack 500:

When playing this game, the rule is to Hit when you have a total of 21 or less and, as the name implies, stand when you have a higher total than the dealer. Some blackjack tournaments will have variations on the above rule. However, the standard rule of thumb is to always stand when you have a total of 21 or more.

The cards are worth their face value with the most valued cards typically having a greater value than the least valued cards. Aces are worth either 1 or 11; 2, 3, and 12 are worth 10 each. The face cards are all worth 10 and the player receives 3 cards for each of the initial 2 cards. Therefore, a deck of 52 cards can only have a total of 52 or 51. In blackjack, the ace is the highest value card (1) while the face card is the lowest value card (10).

The dealer is the one that deals the cards to every player and also controls the game. The dealer’s two cards are dealt face down and are only seen by the player. The dealer card is turned face up after every completed hand (stars, dice, etc.) and the dealer has 1 card that is face up for the entire hand. The best hand a player can get is an ace with a face card in the first two cards.

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The player then has a choice to either Hit (treat the hand as if it were a new hand) or Stand (stick with what he has). Once the player has decided to Hit, the dealer will lay off his cards. At this point, the player can then draw (take more cards) or he can Re-Draw. You can play and get more information about gambling at seputargol site.

Player Alternately Must Hit and Re-Draw

The player can take as many cards as he wants to in order to form the best hand. After all cards are dealt, the player may choose to Hit or Re-Draw. During subsequent hands, the player must draw cards until his hand equals 21 or more, depending on the casino’s rules. If the player exceeds 21, he busts and loses his hand and wagers.

The player can Jerk (draw no cards) or Fold (give up the hand). The Jerk option is the same as the Fold, the player can’t raise with the hand. If the player receives aces on the initial hand, he must draw no cards and must then discard one card.

The player can increase the stakes by raising the bet by one unit. The next hand is dealt with the new rules.

Strategy and House Edge

By using basic strategy to play and follow the Jerk rule, a player can cut his house edge to about 0.5%. Since the house has no edge in the first place, a player with a good hand against the dealer can, in theory, secure a profit.

Yet if the dealer has a better hand, the only strategy available to the player is to reduce the bet size, as in the same way as you would when holding a strong hand.