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How Long Viagra Effective

Viagra, when taken 30 minutes before sexual stimulation, is effective between four to six hours in your system before it metabolizes in the liver. Viagra works due to its main drug, Sildenafil. Sildenafil inhibits the PDE5 hormonal enzyme. This allows blood vessels to expand and the blood to flow freely throughout your body, making its way to your corpus cavernosa, creating a long lasting, hard erection during sexual stimulation.

Would you like to get an effective treatment for ED? Buy viagra på nätet online!

Though all labels say that Viagra (Sildenafil) is effective from four to six hours, there are things you can do to make sure that you get the maximum amount of time that Viagra can give you for effectiveness.

A healthy nutritional regime might be all you need in order to get the “bang for your buck” from Viagra. The right kind of diet and a daily dose of exercise will allow you to receive the maximum results from Viagra when treating erectile dysfunction. Even just a daily run around your neighborhood can further expand your blood vessels, allowing even more blood to flow to your penis during sexual stimulation. A low fat, low cholesterol diet is the ideal diet for any man who has erectile dysfunction. Foods high in cholesterol and fat create blockages throughout your circulatory system. These blockages do not let blood vessels expand to their fullest potential and the blockages can actually prevent blood from flowing to the penis. You should also include in your diet garlic, fruits, and nuts, as these all increase your libido, and when in combination with Viagra, can give you the energy boost you need to make Viagra as effective as possible.

Yes this is a “mother-type” statement, but it is true, don’t forget your vitamins! Certain vitamins give cialis pris that extra boost to give it the maximum power needed. Vitamin E, which can be found in whole grain cereals and soy products, improves the flow of blood. The vitamin zinc increases testosterone levels.

And do not forget that water bottle. It gives your body a full cleanse, getting rid of anything that might react adversely with Viagra.

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Xylitol Gum… Chewing Gum That’s Good for Your Teeth

Learn the benefits of xylitol gum.

If you thought that all gum chewing was bad, you probably haven’t heard the news about xylitol gum and the many oral health benefits. This gum is said to actually prevent tooth decay when it is chewed regularly.

There are several things you can do to help prevent tooth decay. Let’s look at a few helpful suggestions:

Reduce Sugar Intake

Many of the foods that can cause dental problems include sugar and include food that sticks to your teeth.

One thing for people to do is not only reduce their sugar intake but also the sugar “exposures” they have during a day. For instance if they drink coke or like to eat candy, they should not sip a coke all day.

Each time they take a sip they are inoculating their teeth. Sugar feeds plaque which is the acid bacteria that causes both decay and periodontal disease.

Same with sugar exposure from candy. Just eat it all at once and brush if possible or at least rinse out the mouth.

Children who eat a lot of raisins, fruit leather, and granola bars as well as drink a lot of juice are often in their dentist’s office with dental caries that need to be filled.

Xylitol is a great sugar alternative that does good things for your teeth.

Use Dental Hygiene Products that Promote Healthy Teeth

Beyond the gum, fluoride toothpaste and use of dental floss will help you keep your mouth clean and keep your smile healthy. Anti-plaque rinses are also worth using. An electric toothbrush is also better equipped than a manual brush to help you reach every area of your teeth so consider upgrading.

Consider having your dentist put on a fluoride varnish as well as this can help remineralize your teeth and protect them from decay. You’ll even find a chewable tablet called Pro Flora that can neutralize the bad bacteria in your mouth with healthy probiotics.

Chew Xylitol Gum

This special gum is increasing in popularity due to the great news about the dental benefits. In fact, it provides other benefits as well, including helping to control recurring yeast infections and it makes an ideal sugar substitute for many diabetics. Pregnant women who take it are less likely to transmit carie- causing bacteria to their babies. It’s used in gum, is available as a sweetener, and present in some commercial mouthwashes.

See Your Dentist Regularly

Your dentist can help you keep your smile healthy and give you great advice on the best recommended dental hygiene products to use to stay orally healthy.

Buy packs of xylitol gum, mouthwash, mints, or mouth spray, and feel good about doing something positive for your dental health but don’t forget to visit your dentist regularly as well.

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The Hypnosis Weight Loss Program Can Also Help You Develop A New And Healthy Self Image

People who are overweight and obese tend to have increased risks for various diseases and ailments. These people can significantly lower their risks for illnesses if they reduce or lose weight. This is why their doctors often advise them to lose weight. The hypnosis weight loss program is among the various kinds of weight loss programs that are popular nowadays. For many overweight or obese people, their unhealthy eating patterns and lifestyle are manifestation of an underlying emotional problem. It is not surprising to hear many of them admit that they are really emotional eaters. Their mindset and feelings determine the way they eat and the amount of food they consume.

Emotional eaters are people who turn to eating and food for comfort. When they experience fluctuations in their emotions, they are more likely to eat foods that are laden with calories. With the recognition that eating patterns or eating habits have psychological explanations, this problem will be addressed at its roots by the hypnosis weight loss program. The underlying issues in overeating is tackled by the hypnosis weight loss program. Certain techniques designed to help you attain weight loss on a long term bases are provided by the hypnosis weight loss approach.

If the mindset responsible for a person’s overeating practice is effectively addressed, that person will be prevented to continue with his unhealthy eating habits. With the hypnosis weight loss approach, the hypnotist will access and “re-program” your subconscious mind. One of the basic approaches that is usually utilized in the hypnosis weight loss program is having the hypnotherapist give suggestions on exercising and eating while the person is under hypnosis. With the help of hypnosis, you can be motivated to lose weight and eat right.

The hypnosis weight loss program also helps you build a new and healthy self image. You can also build and boost your self confidence this way. With it, you can fell much better about yourself and to be more comfortable about the idea of weight control. With the help of the hypnosis weight loss program, you can be in control of yourself and your life. You can also develop positive thinking about your lifestyle and eating habits with the help of the hypnosis weight loss program.

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Guava for good health


Guava is a common fruit.

The two varieties of fruits have white or red pulp.

Taste wise the fruit has varieties that are sweet, sour and insipid. Fruits from winter season are sweeter and tastier than fruits that are available in rainy season. It is available in cultivated and wild varieties.

Chemical Composition

Roots and bark are rich in tannic acid. In addition, it also contains crystals of calcium oxalate. Leaves contain fats, tannins, volatile oil and vegetable and mineral salts. The tree also includes phosphorus and an acidic substance containing calcium and manganese. It is also rich in vitamin B and C.


Guava is tasty, appetizing, quenches thirst, enhances semen formation and strengthens the heart. It is anthelmintic and anti-vomiting. It is purgative and cures a cough.

Health benefits of Guava and Medicinal usage


Before sunrise, take unripe guava. Rub it on stone and make a paste. Apply the paste on the forehead area which ache. It cures even the most severe headaches. This treatment should be administered 3-4 times a day.


Chew 3-4 guava leaves. It relieves toothache or boil 3-4 leaves and add potassium permanganate in the water for gargles. It relieves toothache.

Guava for good health


Chew fresh guava leaves with catechu. It cures boils in the mouth.

Mental disorders

A decoction of leaves is used to cure mental disorders, polyuria, and physical and mental deformities.


Massages the backbone of children using the tincture of leaves.

Heart tonic

Take guava fruits, remove all the seeds in it. Chop the fruit into fine pieces, add sugar and form a paste/ sauce on low heat. This paste/ sauce is very beneficial for the heart. It also cures constipation.


In the case of phlegm that is blocked for quite some time, give one big guava (remove the seeds first) to the patient and then give fresh water to drink immediately. Within 2days, blocked phlegm will flow and clear the nose. After 2-3 days, to control the flow, give 50 gm jaggery without water at night.

Cough and related disorders

1.In the case of dry cough where phlegm does not come out easily, bite and chew a fresh guava. Within 2-3 days, it cures cough.

2.Take the tincture of guava, mix it with honey and give it to the patient. It is beneficial in curing dry cough.

3.In the case of excessive phlegm and cough, constipation and mild fever, give fresh, sweet guavas to eat.

4.In the case of common cough due to cold, take unripe guava and roast it on fire. Give this to the patient with salt. This gives relief and cures cough.


Drink 10gm decoction of guava leaves. It controls vomits.


Take 10 gm juice of its soft leaves and mix sugar in it.

Eat this early in the morning. It gives relief within 7 days.

Thirst and dry mouth

Cut fine pieces of guava and soak in water. After some time, drink this water. This water quenches thirst due to diabetes or urinary problems.


During breakfast, give guava with black pepper, black salt, and ginger to the patient. It cures indigestion, acidity, swelling of the stomach caused by indigestion or accumulation of wind, and constipation. Eating guava during lunch is beneficial in curing colitis, and diarrhea.


Guava jam is beneficial in dysentery and diarrhea.

Prolapsed rectum

1.In case of children, apply thick decoction of root as paste.

2.In case of prolapse rectum during acute diarrhea, prepare poultice of fresh leaves and tie it. It relieves pain and the anus settles down inside.

3.For internal treatment, grind guava and nagkeshar into a fine powder and prepare tablets of the size of urad pulse. Give these tablets to the patients.

4.Take equal quantities of guava root, bark and leaves. Take 250gm of this mixture and grind it solid. Boil this mixture with 1kg water. When water is reduced to half, use this decoction to rinse the affected area and push it inside. This will help it settle inside.


Make the paste of fresh guava leaves and apply on the painful area. It helps relieve the pain to a great extent.

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Be Sexier With African Mango Diet

The particular African mango diet has grow to be much more and far more well-known everyday. Only right after a couple of months because the African mango sensation arrived at the American marketplace, the diet became probably the most sought right after supplement and now, it really is all set to tackle the international marketplace. The mango Africa comes from Cameroon tropical jungles and a extremely unique fruit. The mango pulp and seed can be a popular treatment for several types of illness including obesity for much more than 200 years. Right up until about four months ago, the item created its release in an American television show. The diet plan is claimed to be an powerful solution for weight reduction, obesity, and all of the well being problems related to it.

Clinically Evaluated

Before the African mango produced its method to international trade, experts from the US and Cameroon performed numerous scientific tests and reviews to be able to verify its efficacy claims. Now, it can be a widespread subject for wellness aware and people with weight problems, diabetes, cholesterol issues, and heart diseases. The remedy has finally arrived to those that seek diet plan supplement that works and safe. The mango Africa is really a all-natural and safer approach to accomplish a slimmer, healthier body.

Fiber Rich Source

The scientific studies indicated that the African mango is efficient in weight reduction management specially for those that are obese. The high soluble fiber content helps detoxify one’s body particularly the colon. A reported study also figured that a fiber-rich diet can eradicate damaging outcomes of fat lodged within the colon walls and to promote much better ingestion of the nutrients. When a person has a high fiber diet plan, the poor cholesterol decreases whilst good cholesterol flourishes, therefore abating the organization of heart diseases, gall and kidney stones.

Greater Levels Of Energy

Adeponectin, a protein hormone identified to control insulin, glucose, and lipids, denotes a lot of health rewards. The usage of African mango can support high quantity production of Adeponectin that also improves the metabolic rate to transform food straight into strength. People with higher amounts of Adeponectin show no trace of diabetes, obesity as well as atherosclerosis prognosis. When the very first manifestation of obesity or slower metabolism shows, it is recommended to adopt it to put a quit to those risks completely.

The most beneficial Appetite Suppressor

Do you know the African mango depresses appetite? The African mango induces the high leves of Leptin hormone. The Leptin inhibits yet another hormone that controls hunger known as neuropeptide Y. People with low Leptin could be dangerous as a result of the tendency to consume uncontrolled amountd of food. Leptin also supervises the body weight ratio, increases metabolic rate, and controls the body temperature. Furthermore, it has the capacity to get rid of the manufacture of bad cholesterol. The Leptin and Adeponectin collaborate closely to keep the body to have controlled weight, great skin, governed appetite, and gets rid of fat needless to say.

Beyond Compare

Other sorts of supplementary diet plan pills might be an inefficient in comparison to African mango diet. No other item works naturally to help the body get rid of fat making use of its own operations. African mango contains huge levels of vitamin c along with other antioxidants to promote greater looking skin, hair and eyes. You are going to get thinner and healthier everyday since you know the toxins and fats duly flushed from the body. Now, everybody can enjoy healthier, slimmer body with the revolutionary weight reduction.

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Tips for Getting Pregnant

The family is defined as the smallest unit of a society. A family is composed of a father, a mother, and children. But statistics show that 8 to 12% of couples around the world are childless. Sadly, this predicament is not one of choice but a health concern.

Infertility is attributed to a couple if they failed to conceive after having unprotected intercourse for twelve months. It has many causes which includes the age of the couple, the weight – overweight or underweight, and the health condition – one of them may be suffering from STD. Another reason, and perhaps the most common,  is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which occurs in 10 % of most women in the US alone. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS can be diagnosed in women who have irregular or missing menstrual cycle.

Although women might often feel guilty and would take the blame for the inability to conceive, thirty percent, according to studies, is attributed to male infertility. And in twenty percent of the cases, both men and women are infertile. Due to this, couple find ways and tips for getting pregnant.

In this age and technology, one can easily find tips for getting pregnanton the Internet . But the main question there is, which method is effective and which is not. So the best way is to go to your doctor to really pin-point what the main cause of infertility. After the problem is clearly identified, then it’s easy to plan the solution.

The most successful method in such cases is the natural approach to infertility. The natural approach has extensive solutions that meet each case. So, you may ask, does the natural approach offer any solution or tips for getting pregnant? As suggested, it certainly has.

One suggestion is that the woman should undergo the Female Hormone Test (FHT) to chart the level of estrogen and progesterone throughout the month. A healthy and well-balanced diet needs to be followed also in order to correct any hormone imbalances. Studies show that there are certain types or kinds of food that lower fertility. It is also recommended that using organic food increases fertility by eliminating xenoestrogens, which are found in pesticides. The doctor may also prescribe, aside from a well-balanced diet, to take supplements such as folic acid, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, and others. These supplements are know to re-balance the hormones.

Aside from these, some tips for getting pregnant might be the inclusion of herbs to your diet. Some herbs balance hormones and encourages ovulation. One of the most popular herbs under this category is the agnus castus, which regulates and restarts menstruation and increases the ratio of progesterone to estrogen.

And finally, to welcome the baby aboard, couples are advised to stay away or shun smoking, caffeine, and alcohol which are known to lower fertility.

Do you struggle to get pregnant?

Do you want facts on how real women overcame their infertility naturally?

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Experiencing Chest Tightness Anxiety?

Mental stress is the main trigger of anxiety. When stressed the brain cannot make good judgements and it incorrectly assumes that your life is in danger. Because of this, many reactions are triggered such as the release of excess amounts of adrenaline in order for the body to protect itself from unseen danger. When in such a condition, the body undergoes various physical changes like increased heart rate which makes your chest feels tight.

Increased amounts of stomach acids are usually produced with the feeling of anxiety. The esophagus lining is irritated when this excess amount of acid flows back into it and this in turn results in heartburn. When this occurs your chest will feel tight and full. Such tightness in your chest is felt mostly after eating meals and becomes worse when lying flat on your back.

Too much anxiety may sometimes result in abnormal muscle contraction in various areas of your body. When your chest muscles become tensed due to anxiety, it feels rather tight. This feeling of tightness in your chest usually lasts for only a couple of seconds. If however, there is a lot of tension on your chest muscles, it may feel more like a mild chest pain.

Relieving Tightness in Chest due to Anxiety

You should have also realized that chest tightness induced by anxiety also comes with breathing difficulty. It is therefore obvious that if you regularize your breathing you will also be able to get significant amount of relief from your chest tightness. You should first normally inhale and then exhale very slowly. As soon as you have completely exhaled, stop your breath for about three seconds then normally inhale again. Then, while exhaling, bend forward slightly and suddenly release all the air. Continue to breathe normally after doing this and you will get relief from your breathing difficulty and your chest pains and palpitations will gradually disappear as well.

Treating Anxiety and Chest Tightness

If you frequently suffer from chest tightness because of anxiety then you should get medical treatment. With the aid of therapy and medicines you can treat your condition. Anxiolytics and antidepressants are used to control the physical symptoms associated with anxiety. Medicines are also available which can induce sleep. Other medicines are also given to those who have developed gastro esophageal reflux disease or acid reflux problem which can control stomach acids.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is also recommended to help you to better deal with anxiety. In this type of therapy the underlying causes which trigger the fears of the patients are identified. Patients are also helped to develop skills for copying in order for them to better manage their fears and anxiety.

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Common Causes of Infertility Problems

While every couple is different, there are some common causes of infertility problems and fertility issues.

Most Common Infertility Causes:

Below are the top six most common fertility issues:

1. Blocked fallopian tubes are one of the most common fertility issues. A blocked fallopian tube will keep an egg from being fertilized by blocking the sperm. Or if fertilization does occur there is a greater chance of an ectopic pregnancy. (This is when a fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tube and can be fatal if the tube is not removed before it ruptures from the growing embryo. Normally if the ovary is okay and if both tubes are blocked IVF is one treatment option to solve this particular fertility issue.

2. Endometriosis is a major fertility issue for a lot of women. Endometriosis is when the endometrial tissue grows out of hand and attaches to places other than the inside of the uterus. It can attach to the fallopian tubes, causing blockages, or to the ovaries or the outside of the uterus and even in the abdominal wall. Endometriosis, ironically, reverses when pregnancy happens, but it can also hinder pregnancy from occurring. Sometimes the tissue can be surgically removed or treated with hormones to help pregnancy occur. Intra-uterine insemination is used as a treatment or artificial insemination, to help get the sperm closer to the fallopian tubes for fertilization.

3. Ovulation issues can stem from any number of reasons from unbalanced hormones to conditions like PCOS or endometriosis. If an egg isn’t released then fertilization can’t happen. There are hormonal treatments to help bring about ovulation. IVF is another possibility to help bring about a pregnancy.

4. PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome effects many women of child-bearing years. Normally it is the lack of a menstrual period that alerts to this condition. Obvious reasons for fertility issues are lack of ovulation and even if ovulation happens, conception may be difficult. Less severe cases of PCOS can be treated with medications. More severe cases can be treated with IVF. Very severe cases can render a woman infertile indefinitely.

5. One fertility issue can be poor egg quality; when the eggs aren’t healthy enough to be fertilized. This type of issue can’t be solved necessarily with medications. When this happens if a woman wants to carry a pregnancy she must use donor eggs.

6. Luteal phase defects are when the time from ovulation to menstruation is too short. In order to sustain a healthy pregnancy this time needs to be at least ten days long. Normal cycles are normally two full weeks. If the time falls below ten days and a pregnancy does happen it could end in early miscarriage. Some refer to these as chemical pregnancies. These may give a positive pregnancy test then a few days later end in miscarriage. The most common cause of a luteal phase defect is low progesterone. When progesterone is deficient it can cause a whole host of other fertility issues. Progesterone is the one hormone in the body that regulates the entire endocrine system. Even issues like thyroid problems will crop up with a progesterone deficiency. This is probably one of the easiest to correct by simply using a progesterone supplement in the form of a trans dermal cream will help to balance the hormones and correct the fertility issues.

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Egg Donor

Cryopreservation is a method of freezing tissues or cells in order to preserve for use afterwards. Normally, cells are stored at ultra-low temperatures i.e. below – 1960C or 77K which is the boiling point of liquid nitrogen. As at this low temperature, any biological activities, which include the biochemical reactions that would lead to cell death, are successfully stopped. Therefore the tissues could be stored for quite a few years. This preservation is made possible by the using cryoprotectants.


In general the cryoprotectants are used for protection of the biological tissues from freezing and being spoiled from ice formation. They function like antifreeze by decreasing the freezing temperature and increasing the viscosity of the cell. Cryoprotectants are primarily divided into two wide classes. They are Penetrating cryoprotectants and non-penetrating cryoprotectants.

Storage of the tissue or the cell

The tissues are stored in two phases which includes in vapor phase and in liquid phase. The storage in the vapors phase helps to eliminate the risk of explosion with sealed ampoules. The tissues that are to be conserved are mostly biological materials, for the most part, cell suspensions or thin tissue samples. For example semen that can be used effectively after cryopreservation, tissue samples like tumors, blood i.e. special cells for transfusion or stem cells and histological cross sections and lastly eggs also known as oocytes.

Recovery Thawing

Mostly, rapid thawing should be done in order to avoid any kind of harm from ice crystal growth and the tissues should be at once immersed in water bath and then should be transferred to re-warmed media. Surplus alkalinity should be avoided. Dish should be placed in the incubator in order to allow the saturation with CO2. Now, the thawed cells must be washed of cryoprotectants inside 24 hours and nursed back to standard growth. Ultimately, the materials should be diluted gradually.

Advantages of cryopreservation

The cryopreservation technique can sustain the preserved materials, even though not including it with any constant care and therefore it saves the time as well as the reagents. It helps to reduce the risk of microbial contamination and also the cross contamination with various other cell lines is very uncommon. It has the ability to decrease the rate of genetic drift and morphology. The tissues which are stored are greatly useful for research purposes and it has resulted as a boon for endangered species.

Role of cryopreservation in biodiversity conservation

In the current scenario, wild life is experiencing the threat of extinction as a result of habitat destruction. For that reason, conservation of habitat as well as germplasm is the current task for the scientists. Since 1980s, the idea of Frozen Zoo has proved to be a boon for ex-situ conservation. The plants and microbes as well as the germplasm of endangered species can be preserved by cryopreservation for future production. For a few examples: in the year 1972, the first mammal (mouse) was born from frozen embryo and then in the year 1984; the first human baby was born from frozen embryo transfer.

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Natural Heartburn Home Remedies

Can heartburn be controlled without antacids or Proton pump inhibitors? For the most part yes. Most sufferers needn’t take potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs in order to reduce heartburn. This is smething that can be done economically through diet alone.

There are a number of foods available for a heartburn sufferer looking to control the condition naturally or the sufferer looking to gain independence from over the counter medication. Most of these foods are cheap and easy to obtain! But first of all, we need to look at prevention. In order to reduce heartburn, the first thing we need to look at it is the kind of food that triggers it. We will call these trigger foods.

Get rid of food that creates or worsens your heartburn. Your Esophagus May be Rotting from the Inside-Out

The most prominent trigger foods in the dozens of cases I have personally investigated are tomatoes, fizzy drinks, oily foods and overly processed carbohydrates. A logical step would be to try and eliminate these foods from your diet and see what effects it has.

One other thing I did was to slowly choose a food stuff to eliminate from my diet for a week and then note any changes in the incidence and severity of my heartburn. I understand tha most people won’t want to go through this time consuming and tedious procedure to reduce heartburn but I was desperate to stop the pain.

To reduce heartburn, don’t eat so much.

Another one of my cardinal sins was my tendency to overeat. Being involved in bodybuilding necessitates the consumption of a LOT of food. I found myself eating huge quantities of fod and within minutes, I was enduring agonizing heartburn. I then leanred that I was putting a lot of pressure on my stomach and as a result, the contents were spilling into my esophagus and causing the heartburn.

I then downsized my meals and increased the frequency. Immediately, I noticed an improvement.

Have natural heartburn remedies after meals!

I have been heartburn free for a while now (nearly a year). I found that using just one method would provide temporary relief and then the heartburn would soon return. So yes, the methods would reduce the heartburn, but it somewhow managed to rear its ugly head once more. I then realised that if I combined all three methods, I would be almost bulletproof.

I then eliminated trigger foods, ate small meals frequently and then had one of the many natural heartburn remedies after a meal or as part of it.