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Miracle of weight loss – 2 simple things that I made to recover my life

As much of people I started to pack on the weight while I aged. Having the didn of two or three children the help of T the situation one or the other and me was to obtain one year heavier and more door after year. It wasn’t too much a problem at the beginning, but me started to be noted that obtaining tired more easily and having the difficulty of doing some of the things that just a few years earlier was cialis 5 mg easy for me.

Me tested several of the same programs of weight loss and the products that others judged. I tested Atkins, beach of the south, observers of weight and several others. I tried to make more exercise but with having two small children it was very difficult to find the hour to put side for this.

Thereafter I resigned myself rather much to being heavy and must simply treat him. Then one day, accidentally I found a solution which changed my life. I observed Oprah and they discussed new a superfood called the bay of Acai which proved to be better for you than almost any other food outside there. The advantages which they discussed approached much exits I had because of the additional weight.

I observed the next day wondering whether there would be anything else on bay of Acai and they started to speak about the two points viagra prix pharmacie sans ordonnance cleaning and how it helps to clean your system and obtains are weighed down that even the exercise can’t.I was motivated in test these products outside and decided, why not make both. I made research and discovered some means (almost free) very cheap to do this. I hope that my history and results can help of others.

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Weight Loss for Women

Weight Loss for Women Only

As much as men and women have become equals in the workplace, in society and at home, they are not one and the same nutritionally. Women have a few needs and a few differences in design that need to be considered in order to develop a weight loss plan that is both healthy and permanent. Weight loss for women can be easier and more pleasant than many think, as long as the plan is geared towards a woman’s body.

Some Differences Between Men and Women

Most people know that men generally require more calories than women. This isn’t because they’re more active-many are not. It’s because most men have more muscle mass than most women. Muscle burns more calories per pound than does fat, so men require more calories just to maintain their current weight, no matter what that weight is.

In general, men also require more protein than women. This is also due to muscle mass.

Women usually require more iron then men, due to menstruation, and also have hormonal fluctuations to consider in their nutritional plans. Another concern that regards women more than men is bone density and calcium intake. During and after menopause, women store less calcium in their bones and must ensure a sufficient dietary intake to make up the difference.

Weight Loss for Women: Where to Start

Women should first cover all of their nutritional bases when planning a weight loss diet. Without the proper nutrition, they won’t be able to maintain the diet or even to function well in their daily lives. All of the calorie counting in the world won’t do any good if you’re unable to stay the course until you reach your goal weight. You also won’t be able to get the right amount of exercise without proper nutrition and exercise is an integral part of weight loss for women.

Getting Enough Iron and Magnesium

Women still menstruating need to be especially careful to get enough iron. They also need to get enough magnesium-without it, you can’t absorb iron properly. To meet this need, be sure to eat plenty of things that are orange and green. Remember that rule, and you’ll probably get enough of these essential nutrients. Good choices in orange foods include sweet potatoes, carrots, orange bell peppers, peaches, nectarines and oranges. Excellent green foods include spinach, kale, Swiss chard, green peppers, mustard greens, turnip greens and broccoli. The darker and deeper the color of these foods, the better. In other words, choose spinach over celery.

Make Sure You Get Calcium and Potassium

Calcium and potassium go together like iron and magnesium. You’ll get both from yogurt (choose Greek, organic and pro-biotic whenever possible), low fat or nonfat milk, cottage cheese and low fat or part skim mozzarella. It’s also a very good idea to take a multi-vitamin for women or a calcium/magnesium supplement to make sure you get enough of both.

Fight Stress and Lose Weight at the Same Time

Women are under a great deal of stress, often struggling to balance home, children, work and the other demands of life. While many men have these same struggles, women tend to stress more over what they perceive as giving less than their best in any of these areas. Any plan for weight loss for women needs to address this stress level, for two reasons: stress adds abdominal fat and it also weakens the immune system. With so many irons in the fire, few women can afford to get sick. By combating stress through nutrition,  women can lessen the effects of stress on their bodies.

Vitamin C is the most powerful nutritional weapon for fighting the effects of stress. It’s the foundation for cell renewal and regeneration and getting enough Vitamin C will battle the body’s fat-storing response to stress. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is responsible for storing belly fat when a crisis is perceived. This perception can be brought on by the daily stress of life, to say nothing of a true crisis. Vitamin C reduces the amount of cortisol released in the body and can even initiate the metabolizing of stored belly fat. Taking 1000mg of Vitamin C twice a day and getting plenty of fruits and vegetables daily will have an enormous effect on weight loss for women.

The other method of combating stress through good nutrition is to get enough immune-boosting antioxidants. Green tea, blackberries, red raspberries, blueberries and red peppers are all excellent sources and delicious as well.

Getting Enough Protein Without the Fat

Women may need less protein than men (in general), but they do need it. Aside from general nutritional needs for protein, a good plan for weight loss for women needs to include strength-training and building lean muscle. This not only makes a woman’s metabolism run faster and her body more shapely, but it helps to build bone density and strength. This is very important for all women, but especially those going through or already past menopause. Resistance exercise is an excellent way to build bone density, but you need high quality protein to build muscle.

The problem with protein is often the fat that goes with it. Beef, pork and poultry are among the most popular and common sources of protein. Unfortunately, they’re also generally quite high in fat. A good plan for weight loss for women should minimize animal protein and maximize sources like low-fat dairy, eggs, fish and shellfish. Any meat eaten should be as lean as possible, such as lean steaks and chicken breasts.

It’s not hard to make a good plan for weight loss, for women or men. Once you understand your nutritional needs, any special concerns and how to address them, you’ll be able to create a workable and even enjoyable eating plan. In most cases, simply making your diet extremely varied will ensure that you get all of the nutrients you need to lose weight and feel great doing it. After all, feeling good is part of the plan.

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Rapid Weight Loss Techniques

Three Rapid Weight Loss Techniques

If you want to lose weight and shed ugly fat quickly, it can be accomplished quite easily with the following three rapid weight loss techniques.

Technique #1:  Drink Lots Of Water

Water’s Role in the Body

What is the most important nutrient that our body requires?  You guessed it, water!  In fact, most of us are nearly 80 percent water (depending on factors such as age, gender, and weight).

Water is utilized by every system that functions in our body.  Our body temperature is kept stable by water.  Water also moistens the oxygen we breathe.  It protects our organs and helps food get broken down and converted into energy.  In fact, water helps carry nutrients and oxygen to every living cell we have.  The cushioning in joints is largely made up of water.  Water will help keep hormones stable and your metabolism an efficient calorie burner, two things that are vital to rapid yet healthy weight loss.  Water also:

– Helps get rid of toxins and waste in the body

– Makes up 92% of our blood (our life fluid)

– Makes up about 80% of our brain

– Makes up about 25% of our bones

Why Does Everyone Tell Me to Drink More Water?

As you just learned, water is used everywhere in the body.  As a result, drinking plenty of it has many healthy benefits.  Drink enough water and even your skin will be hydrated and be more protected against wrinkles.

Weight loss experts recommend drinking water because it will give you a more full feeling which helps limit calorie intake.  This means you’ll be more likely to maintain a healthy and proper weight.  By maintaining a healthy weight, your back, joints and knees will thank you for it since there will be less weight that they have to bare.  Also, water helps to flush fat out of the body when you diet properly and exercise.

What Constitutes Proper Hydration?

The norm that I typically hear is that we should drink eight or more glasses of water every day.  Did this number just get pulled out of the air?  The average person can lose nearly three liters of fluid each day through sweating, waste removal, and air that gets exhaled.  On a daily basis, that is over eight cups of fluid!  To avoid dehydration it should be common sense that we need to drink at least that much water.  Food will account for about twenty percent of our fluid intake.  The rest will need to come from what we drink.  So the recommendation of eight glasses of water per day is a good target.

I even recommend that you aim for up to a gallon of water a day.  So put down those sugared or caffeinated drinks and pick up a tall, cool glass of the clear stuff and you’ll be well on your way to shedding weight quickly and improving your overall health.  The calorie savings from doing this alone will equate to quick weight loss!

Technique #2:  Stick To Carbohydrates That Are Unprocessed

Carbohydrates play a very important role in our diet.  Since our bodies digest carbs the fastest (versus protein and fats), they have the greatest impact on our blood sugar, also known as our glycemic index.  The glycemic index measures how blood sugar levels rise (and fall) in some measure of time.    Research shows that when carbs that are considered “high glycemic”, our bodies are put into a mode that more readily stores fat.  It is important to notes that not all carbs affect blood sugar in the same way.  According to several studies by the National Academies Institute of Medicine, certain carbs cause our blood sugar to massively fluctuate, meaning blood sugar levels will rapidly rise and fall.  If this roller coaster effect happens regularly, it can cause some serious health problems, including:

Hunger and weight gain

Loss of memory


Mood swings

Metabolic Syndrome

An increased risk certain types of cancer and heart attack

Resistance to insulin

An increased risk of type 2 diabetes

Slow Acting Carbs (Good)  Versus Fast Acting Carbs (Bad)

All carbohydrates will raise blood sugar to some degree but some carb-rich foods will raise blood sugar faster and higher than other foods.  That’s because the body can easily convert these carbohydrates into glucose quickly.  These type of foods are called fast-acting carbs.  Carbohydrates that are fast-acting will cause the body to pump high levels of insulin to counteract the sudden surge of blood sugar.  In fact too much insulin gets released, which then causes our blood sugar to come back down very rapidly.  This tends to cause our blood sugar to drop too low and you’ll often get very hungry again.  You are also likely to feel tired and may even have a headache.

Some examples of fast-acting carbs include:

potato chips


breads made with white flour

white rice

sugared sodas

ice cream


cake and cookies

processed treats (think Twinkies)

There are many more but this gives you a pretty good idea.  Foods that contain carbohydrates that are slow-acting are much easier on the body and they don’t cause your blood sugar levels to spike.  Slow-acting carbs also take much more time for the body to break them down.  This means your blood sugar levels should be just that, fairly level throughout the day.    Eating carbohydrates that are slow-acting will prove to be healthy in many ways, including:

Making weight loss easier

Blood sugar levels are under control

More energy

Improved memory

Risk of heart disease is greatly decreased

Cholesterol levels are reduced

Some slow-acting carbs are whole wheat foods, oatmeal, popcorn, most beans, apples, and peanuts.  So in a nutshell, slow-acting or good carbs will have a minimal impact on your blood sugar levels without causing them to spike or drop too drastically.  When blood sugar levels vary wildly, you are more likely to get hungry and binge on the closest sugary or fattening  empty calorie snack.  That is why it is so difficult to utilize any weight loss program and consume bad carbs.  The two just don’t mix.

Good carbs not only keep blood sugar levels steady but they are also full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals which are needed for a balanced healthy diet.  They take longer to digest and their sugar content is lower, so you’ll feel full longer which helps to curb your appetite.

Now that you have a good understanding of what good and bad carbs are, the glycemic index, and why carbs in general are vital to health, here are some tips on incorporating good carbs into your diet:

1.  Cut junk food from your diet as much as possible.  Nothing else needs to be said here.

2.  Buy a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit.  Eat a serving with each meal.

3.  Eat a serving of beans at least twice a day.  They are nutritionally powerful, a good source of protein and they are packed with fiber.

4.  If you do buy grain products, make sure they are whole grain.  For them to be “whole grain”, the first word in the ingredients list should say “whole grain”

Technique #3:  Build Strong, Lean Muscle; Scorch Through Fat

Why is building muscle helpful for burning fat?  Muscles are the driving force of your metabolism.  As you increase your lean muscle mass, your metabolism will follow suit and increase.  Increasing your metabolism is like turning the furnace up on fat burning.  Also, it takes energy to maintain newly added muscle, the main energy source is fat.  As you can see, building muscle will greatly aid in shedding excess fat in “all” areas of the body.

To build muscle and burn fat, there are several keys:

  • Lift weights and lift them with intensity
  • Lift heavy
  • Perform the right exercises
  • Keep workouts short, high quality, and infrequent (maximal results with minimal amount of work)

Lift weights and lift them with intensity

Let’s take a moment to define what intensity is NOT.  Intensity has nothing to do with the duration or frequency of workouts.  A better definition of workout intensity is progressive overload meaning that with each workout you try to improve something:

  • More repetitions
  • More sets
  • Heavier weight
  • Less rest between sets (go from 2 minutes of rest to 1 minute, etc)

Lift heavy

When looking to put on some lean muscle and shed fat efficiently, you need to make sure the stress is above the threshold of what your muscles can currently handle.  This means that we need to perform exercises that are demanding and involve as much of a muscle and/or muscles as possible.  The best way to utilize every single muscle fiber in an exercise is to lift weights that are HEAVY!

Heavy weights will use all of a muscles capacity by calling on every fiber during the performance of an exercise.  You’ll burn tons of calories and turn your body into a weight-loss machine.

Perform the right exercises

Compound exercises are multi-joint movements that work several muscles or muscle groups at one time.  A great example of a compound exercise is the squat exercise, which engages many muscles in the lower body and core, including the quadriceps, the hamstrings, the calves, the glutes, the lower back and the abdominals.  Some other examples of compound exercises include:



Bench Press

Shoulder Presses

Pull Ups

Push Ups

Compound exercises are nice in that they will give you a full body workout faster.  You’ll also improve joint stability and muscle balance with compound exercises.  Compound exercises are more difficult which will keep your heart rate up which provides cardiovascular benefits.  You’ll find that with compound exercises, you’ll be able to lift heavier loads and in turn, build more strength and the fat and excess pounds will melt off versus doing a thousand bicep curls with a light weight.

Keep workouts short, high quality, and infrequent

Your goal should be to maximize your results while minimizing the amount of work you have to do.  Keep workouts short and infrequent; about 45 minutes three times a week should be more than good enough.  This will help you make sure you’ve had enough time to recover between workouts.  To effectively burn fat you don’t need hours of exercise!

If you can manage to follow these three rapid weight loss techniques:  drink more water, stay away from processed carbohydrates and lift weights and lift heavy; you will shed fat, build a better body, feel great and love how you look.

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Sleep Apnea

How Obesity Increases the Risk of Sleep Apnea

The link between obesity and sleep apnea is not as well-defined as with other ailments, but there is still some evidence that the two conditions are related. Sleep apnea is a relatively common disorder where people might have pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while sleeping. (1) Sleep apnea is extremely disruptive for sleep patterns, because it will move the person suffering from it out of deep sleep into light sleep many times a night. (2) This will result in a quality of sleep that is too poor for good rest, so the patient will feel tired during the day and will cause excessive sleepiness. (3) One of the symptoms of sleep apnea, apart from poor sleep and tiredness, is snoring. (4) This is also known as obstructive sleep apnea and it means that the airway has collapsed or been blocked while the person is asleep, which causes loud snoring as the air tries to move past the blockage. (5) Sleep apnea is a risk factor if it is untreated for a variety of conditions, all of which are related to obesity: high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, heart failure or arrhythmia, as well as work- or driving-related accidents because of tiredness. (6)

Another type of sleep apnea is called central sleep apnea and this is when the respiratory control centers of the brain are disrupted and imbalanced during sleep. (7) This condition can lead to imbalances in blood pressure, low levels of blood oxygen which can cause seizures (unrelated to epilepsy), angina, arrhythmia or even a heart attack. (8) Years and years of central sleep apnea can also cause the pH of the blood to lower through the increase of carbon dioxide causing metabolic acidosis. (9)


The frontline treatment for sleep apnea is mostly behavioral therapy. The goal is to change one’s sleeping habits to try to sleep on the side, which can prevent the tongue and palate from falling backwards while sleeping and blocking the airway in the throat. (10)

If you are obese or overweight, losing weight can significantly improve your sleeping habits and make sleep apnea less of an issue or remove the symptoms entirely. (11) This is because the excess body-fat around the neck and throat starts to disappear, allowing more air to pass through the airways. (12) It’s also possible that the thyroid gland, which is responsible for releasing hormones that regulate the metabolism, is affected by excess body-fat, causing it to be larger and potentially block the airways as well.

Most individuals that suffer from sleep apnea are overweight and have large necks that are (collar size over 17” in males or 16” in females). (13) Weight reduction, avoiding alcohol and sedatives, medications to stimulate the respiratory center of the brain, CPAP masks that force the airway to stay open, jaw positioning devices and finally, surgery to remove any obstructions of excess body-fat in the airways are all methods of dealing with and treating sleep apnea in both its forms. (14)

From most of the available studies, it is quite clear that sleep apnea is related to obesity, due to the fact that 95% of people suffering from sleep apnea are obese. (15) However, there is still no direct proof that obesity can actually cause sleep apnea and the mechanism is largely not understood. (16) The mechanism seems to work largely through the mediation of atrial fibrillation (arrhythmia), because obesity causes atrial fibrillation and atrial fibrillation is associated with obstructive sleep apnea. (17)

The relationship to daytime sleepiness and fatigue

Sleep apnea also comes hand in hand with daytime sleepiness and fatigue. All three of these issues are extremely common in obese middle-aged men. (18) Additionally, this study found that both cytokines (protein released by body-fat and responsible for pain regulation) and leptin (protein released from body-fat to regulate appetite) were also found to be in very high levels in patients who were obese and had sleep apnea. (19) Since the presence of high levels of these two substances in the body has been firmly associated with obesity and the metabolic syndrome in general, it can be said that sleep apnea is probably another of the many conditions that make up the metabolic disorders that are related to obesity. Furthermore, the blood glucose levels of obese patients were much higher than in regular weight ones and this was related to insulin production in the body as well, giving sleep apnea another strong relationship to the metabolic syndrome. (20) In all these cases, a clear association was made between sleep apnea and the levels of the substances. They were not directly related to obesity itself, but were indeed related to sleep apnea. (21) And because we know that obesity is related to high levels of these substances, a case can be argued that sleep apnea could possibly cause obesity, or vice versa. Finally, sleep apnea in obese middle-aged men was definitely associated with “visceral obesity, inflammatory cytokine elevations, hyperleptinemia, and hyperinsulinemia.” (22)

Weight reduction

Reduction of weight has definitely been associated with the reduction in the severity of sleep apnea symptoms. (23) Additionally, weight loss can also reduce hypertension and improve renal function associated with sleep apnea as well. (24) Most studies have shown that even a 10% reduction in weight can have a massive, 50% reduction in the severity of sleep apnea. (25) This indicates that there is some sort of a “threshold” effect in relationship to this condition and that reducing body-weight is one of the most effective ways to significantly reduce or even arrest the symptoms of sleep apnea completely. In addition to this, reducing body-weight can improve cardiovascular conditions which can reduce the chances of suffering from heart attacks or arrhythmia, both of which can come about through suffering from sleep apnea. (26)

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Obesity and Gout

Gout is a type of arthritis caused by the build up of uric acid in various joints around the body, with most cases being recorded around the big toe. (1) (2) Uric acid is a compound made of various elements (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen) and is formed in the body through various means that are related to genetics, dietary problems as well as rapid weight loss. (3) Obesity, inadequate diet and alcohol have all been related to being factors that can cause hyperuricemia (abnormally high levels of uric acid in the blood). (4) The insulin resistance (and subsequent obesity) that comes hand in hand with diabetes has also been sometimes identified as having a close relationship with gout. (5) When the bloodstream has high concentrations of uric acid in it, uric crystal structures are deposited around various joints in the bodies, which cause the arthritic pains that have been described as throbbing, crushing and excruciating. (6)

The prevalence of gout

As human populations have increased worldwide, it only seems natural that according to the according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III (NHANES III) “gout prevalence has approximately doubled over the last two decades, now affecting over 5 000 000 Americans.” (7) It also seems that men are affected more frequently than women. (8) But it would be dismissive to claim that the rise in gout is merely a result of population explosion and various factors have been identified as the reasons for the increase in victims, such as “increases in longevity, use of diuretics and low-dose aspirin, obesity, end-stage renal disease, hypertension and metabolic syndrome.” (9)

The relationship between obesity and gout

Obesity has become a serious public health problem and has often been considered a disease, but the truth is that obesity is just a symptom of a much worse condition known as metabolic syndrome. (10) (11) Obesity is defined as having a body mass index of greater than 30, and has also been associated with a number of diseases and conditions such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary artery disease and hyperuricemia. (12) The most significant of these to the study of gout is the last one, hyperuricemia and there have been quite a few studies that have linked metabolic syndrome to an increased risk of gout. (13)

One of these, published in 2004 in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatism, states that the prevalence of gout appears to be increasing because of “changes in diet, increases in longevity, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and advanced renal disease, and the broad use of diuretics in clinical practice.” (14) An earlier study conducted at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta also concluded that “metabolic syndrome is highly prevalent.” (15) Another large and important study concluded that “the metabolic syndrome typically affects 20–30% of middle-aged adults in the U.S.” (16)

Hypertension and its relationship to gout

Hypertension, one of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, is a medical condition characterized by very high blood pressure. Approximately 90–95% of hypertensive patients suffer from the condition due to barely identifiable causes, but many doctors and researchers claim that the main ones are a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, visceral obesity and general obesity. (17) Some of the relevant procedures for dealing with hypertension related to obesity and gout are weight reduction as well as regular aerobic exercise, the reduction or even elimination of sugar (and all other foods that are transformed into sugar such as carbohydrates) from the diet, a reduction of sodium (salt) and an increase in potassium, quitting smoking and alcohol consumption as well as reducing stress. (18) Dietary changes, physical exercise and weight loss are the first things to be done when fighting hypertension that can cause gout.

Treatment of gout

The first treatment for gout is always medicinal, because the pain is so unbearable. A variety of drugs are used, such as NSAIDs, Colchicine, steroids, Pegloticase, and Prophylaxis. Ice can also be applied to the affected area for 20-30 minutes a day to ease the pain. Lowering uric acid levels through a diuretic process and changes in diet will need to be applied for long-term removal of uric acid from the blood and removal of the disease. (19) (20)

Gout and alcohol use also linked to obesity

Gout has also been traditionally linked to excessive alcohol use and obesity. Most alcohol (with the notable exception of wine), contains high levels of carbohydrates, which are converted into sugar by the metabolism. This is particularly true for beer, which is largely made of grains such as barley and rye. The high carbohydrate content in many alcoholic drinks translates to sugar in the bloodstream, which is converted into fat deposits and leads to obesity. Obesity and gout have also been shown to be linked, so heavy alcohol drinkers are more likely to suffer from gout at some point in their lives as well, unless they take steps to reduce their weight. (21) (22)

Uric acid, gout and obesity

Science has also shown that uric acid levels can significantly decrease as weight is lost. (23) This has been demonstrated to be intimately related to insulin levels in the bloodstream and the metabolic syndrome in general. (24) One of the most indicative symptoms of the metabolic syndrome is obesity. While one factor for the development in the blood of high levels of uric acid is the vast quantities of insulin created by the pancreas circulating throughout the cardio-vascular system, it needs to be addressed that there is a cause for the high levels of insulin in the first place. This is intricately linked to the excess body-fat, which is now considered an organ in the body that has grown way out of proportion and is releasing too much hormones into the bloodstream that imbalance the entire metabolic system, causing the excess of insulin. (25)

The ultimate cause of high levels of uric acid in the blood, however, seem to be fructose and a number of studies are beginning to investigate this possibility. (26) If the causes of obesity and then metabolic syndrome turn out to be highly-related to sugar intake (in all its forms), then significant developments can be made in the field of nutritional science in order to better determine the optimal dietary intake, physical exercise needs and lifestyle changes needed for maximum longevity and health.

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Varicose Veins

How Obesity Increases the Risk of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are veins that become swollen, twisted and even filled with pain because they are swelling with abnormal amounts of blood in them. (1) Normally, the veins have valves in them that function to move blood to the heart for oxygenation. If you have varicose veins, these valves cease to function properly, which means that some blood will remain in the vein. (2) This pooling of blood most often occurs in the legs, due to the effects of gravity, but they can occur in other parts of the body as well. (3) The main causes of varicose veins are genetic (defective valves in the veins from birth), pregnancy and thrombophlebitis. (4)

Cause and effect?

There is a lot of disagreement as to whether varicose veins are caused or even affected by obesity at all, but most studies show at least some correlation. Older studies claim that obesity “does not carry any excess risk” for varicose veins. (5) More recent research, however, has shown that at least in women, obesity seems to have a direct relationship with varicose veins. This relationship is explained through mechanical load on the lower limbs as well as increased estrogen-release due to excess body-fat. (6) According to this study, women with a very high BMI (30 kg/m2 or greater) show an almost 95% chance of having varicose veins; this after factors for age, estradiol, testosterone and sex hormone binding globulin were eliminated. One of the best conclusions of this article was that it showed how obesity was intricately related to high testosterone levels, which lends weight to the idea that obesity is not just a risk factor, but a disease that has significant cardiovascular implications. (7)

Another article shows that older age, female gender, pregnancy, family history of venous disease, obesity and some occupations are all associated with varicose veins. (8) Some of the factors that might have something to do with varicose veins, but are not well documented, are diet, physical activity and exogenous hormone use. (9)

Men and women

Men don’t seem to have a relationship between their risk for varicose veins and obesity. In fact, most of the studies show that there is no correlation at all – obese men are just as likely to develop varicose veins as non-obese men. The most common observation is that not only is there little correlation between obesity and varicose veins in men, that in fact women are far more likely to have problems with varicose veins than men are as well. There is a 17% prevalence of varicose veins in men and a 31% prevalence in women. (10) The symptoms are different in men and women as well – men are more likely to only itch if they have varicose veins, while women feel heaviness, tension, aching and itching. (11)

Obesity and the complications

Varicose veins may increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis after major abdominal or orthopedic surgery, but this is still not an indication that there is a risk factor for spontaneous deep vein thrombosis. (12)

Obesity is a condition in which there is too much body-fat on the body. Obesity is classed as having a body mass index of 30 or greater, while people who are overweight have a body mass index between 25 and 29. Obesity is characterized by excess amounts of adipose tissue or body-fat, which has a few effects on the body. One of which is the release of hormones and proteins such as cytokines, adipokines and leptin. (13) These substances have several effects on the body, but the risk factor is that the body can become immune to their effects if there is too much in the bloodstream. This is part of the larger condition known as metabolic disorder and can have adverse effects on the metabolism and also on the rate at which the body gains fat. Additionally, people who are obese have a greater risk of developing cardiovascular illnesses, of which varicose veins are just one of the many possibilities. Other cardiovascular illnesses that can come about through obesity are heart attacks, atherosclerosis, angina, stroke and pulmonary embolism.

Another huge risk factor for obese individuals is that they end up carrying too much weight on their body which causes mechanical load issues and gravitational issues. If the lower part of the body is constantly carrying around a weight that is too much for that certain person’s physical body-type, then they are likely to exert extra pressure on the lower part of the body, especially the legs, where varicose veins can form.

Solutions to varicose vein formation

Varicose veins can be prevented early on by altering certain parts of your lifestyle, which have a lot to do with obesity as well. For instance, losing weight, even just a small amount, can significantly improve and even reverse negative health effects of metabolic disorder. You can lower your blood pressure, balance your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, create insulin and leptin more efficiently, all by losing some weight. Additionally, according to a recent article in a New Zealand journal based on medical studies, lifestyle changes especially for people who are working sitting down all day are very important too. (14) For instance, using a high chair to sit for a couple of minutes every hour and then standing the rest of the time in front of your computer can significantly increase blood flow around your body, which helps to develop veins more efficiently and does not allow blood clots to build up. (15) If this is not an option, getting up frequently to get water or coffee is a great idea as well. The reason for this is that human beings have evolved largely to be active organisms on their two feet and in the last 1-200 years our technological advances have motivated us to become more sedentary. Regular exercise doesn’t seem to make a difference, the point is entirely that people who work in front of computers all day are mostly sitting, so altering the furniture in the office could be an important health and safety issue to consider.

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Atkins Diet Foods List Phase 1

Atkins diet foods are widely available in everywhere now; so it is easy for you to find weight loss. There are many packaging options to choose from. You can choose low-carb packaged diet food or make your own food.


For no reason how do you want to do the Atkins plan; many solutions are available for your weight loss.

All you have to watch is the Atkins food pyramid if you are thinking of making food choices. In the Atkins diet foods pyramid looks much different than the USDA Food Pyramid Guide. The basis of the food pyramid you can get it from protein sources such as fish, eggs, chicken, beef and tofu.

While on the other hand, the FDA pyramid diet has oils and high fat whilst the Atkins pyramid puts food grain in this place. Food grains are very rare and hardly formed as a mainstay in the Atkins diet foods. So you should make sure you understand which foods are acceptable for this phase of the diet.


So this will give energy to your body when you are undergoing weight loss program.

You will know the Atkins Diet Phase 1, or diet induction phase which is the most rigorous thing to do for two weeks. At this stage we have to be a fat burning machine. Because you have to limit the amount of carbohydrates you eat. You should limit the amount of carbohydrates in your diet; so that your body can convert it into glucose that enters the bloodstream.

If you start the Atkins diet foods list phase 1 consists of food sources of protein foods. Then in the next step you need to consume vegetables that have a low glycemic; such as broccoli, cauliflower, green salad, asparagus and spinach. Some of this food you can use as a point of reference in living Atkins diet foods.

Then we move on to the third level is made up of fruits like avocado. Fruits should you use on a regular basis; use it after you have completed of the Atkins diet foods list phase 2. Use it sparingly with the right portions of vegetables and some kind of cheese, milk. You can also add nuts such as legumes.

How to the Atkins diet foods easy

When are you need to feel comfortable undergoes the Atkins diet foods. You must stay within the acceptable foods list. For more details you can follow the Atkins menu plans in the book; New Diet Revolution.


Or maybe if you want further in formulating meal plans to implement a low-carb diet.

I suggest to use the book as this will make it easier for you to use it as a cheat sheet when you go anywhere. Bring a list of the food is not bad, because you are running it for the success of the Atkins diet foods. By using the list of foods you should not rely on low-carb food labels only.

Or if you’re too lazy to take the book as a cheat sheet, you can use the gadget you to as many sites online that you can read anywhere via the internet. Many online resources that will help you make better food choices and can still weight loss for the long term. Thus you will be you will more easily undergo the Atkins diet foods.

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Biggest Diet Mistakes You Should Consider

If you have tried one weight loss plan and after none have succeeded for years, may make some biggest diet mistakes. You could end up the most effective diet plan on this planet. However it won’t work if your attitude is wrong.

Here is some biggest diet mistakes that responsible for hundreds or thousands of people go to diet plan. And they failed to achieve the weight that deserve to them. Take your time to consider what the effect is usually happen.


Most common diet mistakes.

Expecting Perfection

Nothing is perfect. We are all aware the statement that countless times, quite a few us still battle to rub it to ourselves and our food. We took the approach off or nothing. We think should stick with our diet plan 100% of the time, perfect, or no use in any respect to follow.

This puts great pressure on us and makes us feel stress if we fall. It suggests that after falling we often think. We have been desperate to do this diet and we do not want to do it again. Simply speaking, the perfect diet-related error implies that we’ll use the smallest reason for a massive party.

The matter is worst for dieters. Especially for whom wish to follow a plan that’s restricted and no treats allowed. Inevitably, life gets in the way and instead of planning the best way to overcome the challenge for the party or wedding. But the show must go on. They fight to enjoy anything right through the day with leaving the diet completely.

Lose weight does not have to become a straight line down. It’s OK to have occasional diet mistakes, slip and profits in the process, so long as the trend decline. And significantly better in the end to forfeit weight slowly. It’s more likely to keep off that way.

Attitude band-aid for any diet

Many dieters saw their weight loss plan as being a temporary fix. They will use for any short period of time after which leave as soon as they’ve reached their target weight. It is approach to the diet, which are the other biggest diet mistakes from us.

Those who viewed diet to be a temporary measure will often choose to do a lot of eating plan. They return to their old ways of eating as soon as the diet ends. If you do it, all of the weight is on. It is the 99% of cases.

If you don’t simply have a few pounds to get rid of, it’s far better to settle on dinner plan. It will give you the great of flexibility. You will need something you can follow for weeks, months and even years. In truth, you’ll need something that will assist you to spend your time.

As opposed to use of band-aid, you will need a diet. It will be just like a new skin: a permanent strategy to eat that will easy to keep your goals weight when you reach it.

Wrong Target in the diet

The last also will bring us to biggest diet mistakes. May be we set the incorrect goal. In everything we do, the goal need to be clear, organized in steps which enables it to be good goal. Regarding lose weight, which means that together with through an idea of your ideal weight or dress size. Additionally you ought to set smaller goals as you go along. This is reward yourself for every single reach. Although it is not must with food!

Be flexible about your primary goal. When you approach it, you might be like to change it out. If you can avoid the biggest diet mistakes and possess the win of your attitude towards diet. It will be easy to its weight that you are happy due it considerably more important than the numbers.

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Easy Dieting Tips – 6 Easy to Use Dieting Tips Saturated Fats Processed Foods Metabolism Many People Simple Exercise Small Steps Easy Diets

Easy Dieting Tips – 6 Easy to Use Dieting Tips

Starting a diet can appear similar to an unfit task. But we do not need to burst in head first.  A couple of discerning as well as easy dieting tips can get results. Sometimes tiny stairs are improved so which we don’t get overwhelmed.   Changing we daily slight can formidable though with a small work we will proceed to demeanour as well as feel better.  It’s unequivocally usual to get vehement as well as proceed a program, though when formula aren’t discerning sufficient most people remove interest.  Dieting isn’t regularly easy though with a small bid you’ll proceed to see results.  I’ve got 6 easy dieting tips which can assistance as well as are elementary to use.

1.   If we eat slower this will give your physique time to “catch up” to the volume of food you’ve eaten, afterwards we can improved decider when you’re full.  Eating as well fast will outcome in which bloated, pressed feeling, as well as no one likes that.

2.  Eating not as big dishes with a full of health break in in between is most improved than skipping a meal.  Many people consider skipping dish will phenq lead to weight loss though this isn’t the case.  Smaller some-more visit dishes will assistance to keep your metabolic rate going, definition we will be digesting your food at a quicker rate.  This will forestall overdrinking at dinner or late at night.

3.  Not everybody has the time or money for a gym membership, though try to work a little elementary exercise in to your routine.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator, take a travel in the sunrise or evening, or float a bike.  we bike often for delight as well as since it beats profitable for gas.

4.  Eliminating fat from the diet is not the approach to remove weight.  While shortening your fat money coming in is a full of health start, fat is still required in any diet.  In sequence to we need to know how opposite sorts of fat proceed your body.  It is some-more critical to stay divided from bad fats which are in a lot of processed foods, such as jam-packed fats as well as trans fats.  Deep frying or in progress dishes with a lot of oil or butter can unequivocally supplement to the fat as well as calorie content.

5.  Whole grains, fruits, as well as vegetables should be a daily part of any diet.  Try these as a deputy to snacks which enclose dull calories as well as tall fat content.  These full of health dishes are in all tall in fiber, vitamins as well as low on calories.

6.  Before eating a dish try this easy dieting tip, splash a potion of H2O 5 to 10 mins prior to we eat.  Doing this will assistance fill we up as well as at the same time will forestall overdrinking at your subsequent meal.

With these 6 easy dieting tips we will proceed to feel improved as well as demeanour better.   Eating slower as well as eating not as big meals, working in elementary exercise, shortening we fat testogen intake, eating full of health snack, as well as celebration H2O prior to a dish are all good ways to proceed losing weight.  Simple stairs are a good approach to proceed on a trail to a healthier life.

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Gluten Free Diet Will Be Easier To Your Live

This time I will share with you candidly that until very recently I really did not know what gluten free diet. I do not even have an idea that I could base on my knowledge. Why are some people so anti the gluten, while others feel that it is important for health them.


Celiac Disease.

Since I have found that gluten is what you call as part the protein of grains such as wheat, barley, rye, or other similar grains. Some people are allergic to it found in grains and so need to have a gluten free diet. It seems very easy to do. Unfortunately it is not as easy as you hear. So, let’s read to article bellow.

People who suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease should live their entire lives on gluten free diet to live healthy and normal. They will need to consult with a doctor or nutritionist first. Or they can seek information through the Internet about this diet. If they do not get the right diet, they could be facing a lot of problems.

If you suffer from any gluten allergy, do not worry too much because there is hope to be fine. Now there is a diet that can suit to your specific needs. By this way you can live a good life because you can define it with ease. You just need to remember to stay away from wheat based products. Once again, it may not be so easy to do. With a good assistance it will help you to find the right diet for you.

If you like wheat, then you’ll be happy to hear that you do not need to eliminate oats or wheat products from your diet. If its processed are free from the effects of contamination from wheat or other grains like, and then you should be fine. But you have to make sure about it. This could be happens if you are not going to accidentally admit some gluten into your system.

Gluten free diet foods

The food you can eat in this diet such as; corn, soybeans, rice, and tapioca. You also have a choice of marmalades, honey, sugar, caramel and molasses as well. If that is not enough to cover all of your diet, you can add the fresh fruits and vegetables. Those are along with milk, cream, eggs, butter and cheese. If you want more than it, you can also have tea and coffee, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages at least as well.

Although it may not be easy to make gluten free diet if you start buying ready meals. It may contain products with gluten in it. In this case you have to be careful on choosing a food product for your diet. And if it not actual gluten products, but they may have been processed from gluten based products.

So you really just consume your fresh foods and stay away from canned foods or ready meals. Trust me; it will be better of gluten base products. Along with this, you should also stay away from anything that has wheat or something in it. It can completely destroy your gluten free diet. With a careful planning you would be fine, and your diet remains intact.