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Divine Showdown Slot Review: Free Spins, Paylines, RTP & Number of Reels

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Divine Showdown Slot Review. There is always something for fans of mythologically themed slots to play. Most software developers try this genre out at some point, and there are plenty of possibilities available. With the ambitious slot Divine Showdown, Play’n GO is the most recent business to unleash their champion loose in this cutthroat environment.

Most mythology episodes concentrate on a single religion or philosophy. There are numerous Thor/Norse god spots, Greek and Roman gods, and of course, Egyptian gods from other worlds. Play’n GO has taken a rather different path. Why not bring together a number of religions in one location rather than keeping them segregated? What might possibly fail?

The gods aren’t exactly known for being generous. They don’t want their followers to stray and turn to other deities. So if you put four of those together, you’re going to have some epic battles.

This spirit of competition has been deftly merged by Play’n GO into Divine Showdown Slot, where the four separate gods really engage in combat during bonus features. Because the rewards are available for the winner when we select the victorious deity, we simple mortals want this to occur.

Although the Divine Showdown Slot looks fantastic, it could look even better; we’ll get to that in a moment. It’s 5-reel, 3-row, 20-payline grid is set against a jumble of rocks, swords, arenas, and temples. It appears to be the sort of area where gods might fight. A bar that scrolls horizontally beneath the grid allows wagers to range from 20 percent to £/€100 every spin.

To view the nine basic game symbols, from 9 to A royals, click the pay table. The Egyptian god of the afterlife Anubis, the Greek goddess Athena, and the Norse god Thor come after these. Thor, who has steely eyes and is eerily reminiscent of the Hemsworth brothers, tops the base game table with a five-of-a-kind payout of 16 times the stake.

In Divine Showdown Slot, the golden wild can be used in place of any other pay symbol and has a higher payout of 20 times the wager for five of a kind combinations. The volatility is another important statistic that Play’n GO lists as being extremely high. The return to player (RTP) can vary between 94.5% and 96.51%, or even lower, therefore constantly check the paytable.

Divine Showdown Slot

Divine Showdown Slot: Features

Because some gods are known to be capricious, a number of other attributes could randomly appear on any spin. The first is a Multiplier Reel, which can appear at any time and grant multipliers of up to x10. The gods themselves, each with a unique talent, may also appear at any time.

Anubis transforms one or two symbols into Wilds, Wukong generates Wild Reels in which a full reel is wild, Athena synchronizes three reels so that they spin with the same symbols, and Thor changes all god symbols into Thor Symbols. The Multiplier Reel may also fall during any of these features.

Given the word “showdown” in the title, one would anticipate some conflict. This appears in the bonus okeplay777 game. The scatter is the quad embossed symbol, and you need three of them to start the bonus round. Players select which deity they will use in the bonus round after taking into account each of the aforementioned skills.

The Battle Reel is spun prior to each round or spin. If “Spin” is selected, the reels will spin once normally. The player’s champion and that god engage in combat if it falls on a god sign. Instead of spinning reels during combat, Power Symbols flow over the screen.

The god with the greatest number of Power Symbols wins. The player forfeits a life if the enemy is identified as this. The bonus round does not have a predetermined quantity of free spins. As opposed to that, it goes on forever until the player exhausts all three lives, at which point the action switches back to the original game.

Divine Showdown Slot: Verdict

The remainder of the game really needs to step up when a developer goes this far with a theme. Play’n GO has succeeded in this symbiosis in some respects, but Divine Showdown Slot falls just a bit short in others. First, some criticism. While the graphics are above average, they fall short of fully capturing the majestic union of four strong gods.

The symbols have a somewhat flat Street Fighter 2 vibe to them. Don’t get us wrong, the graphics are decent overall and effectively portray action, but they could have used a little more flair and vitality.

The topic, as a whole, works nicely, which is good news. Instead of concentrating on one pantheon, the concept of bringing together a wide variety of deities is appealing. Battle scenes are frequently overhyped by developers for slot machines, but since we’re not playing fully realized video games, they are typically at most point and click. Despite that inherent constraint, the battles here make sense and effectively connect the elements to the theme.

Overall yet, Divine Showdown Slot feels like a little bit of a squandered opportunity even if it’s a fun game. Play’n GO doesn’t seem to have put their all into it, in terms of heart and soul. Instead of being gigantic, a slot with such an epic theme has settled for above-average standing.

Maybe we are being overly critical of it. For fans of the topic who will be able to lose themselves in some intense gaming sessions, there is a lot to enjoy here. There is up to 5,000 times the stake available if the gods find you worthy, and the tremendous volatility will separate the truly committed from the long line of want tobes.

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