Esqueleto Explosivo Slot Review

Esqueleto Explosivo Slot Review – RTP 96.13%

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For those of you who are looking for the Esqueleto Explosivo slot review, you are in the right place! Because we will introduce an exciting slot machine from Thunderkick. Well, you can imagine standing in a courtyard in the middle of Mexico. 

You can see five skeletons in front of you, each one playing a different musical instrument and each one having three skulls stacked on top of their body. Each of these skulls can even sing! Woohoo… Welcome to the Esqueleto Explosivo! Once you play, you will never look at other slot games in the same way, again!

What You Can Expect from Esqueleto Explosivo Slot Review?

The game opens with a night scene, looking over the Mexican mountain town with local music and fireworks lighting the sky that looks more beautiful! The scene across the town ends up in the courtyard and you will be ready to play. 

For the graphic aspect, this game is amazing! The skulls work as the symbols in this slot. Moreover, these skulls are differentiated by the colored patterns on every skull, the number of teeth and the size of the mustache on every one. 

When you hit the spin button, all the skulls will fall off the screen and be replaced by a whole set of new symbols. When any of the skulls actually create a winning line, they will start singing. If you can keep a straight face, hm, we would be amazed by you because this slot is pretty amusing! It becomes even funnier when the Golden Elvis-like skull comes and explodes.

Unfortunately, this slot does not have a feature. All the action actually takes place on every spin. However, with an Exploding Wild, hitting symbols and Multipliers, you will not need an additional feature.

Esqueleto Explosivo Slot Review

How to Play

In Esqueleto Explosivo slot review, the 15 skulls actually create something of a standard 5-reel slot that has a slightly unusual 17 paylines. Unlike most other slot games where you will pay each win line, here you will actually pay for a total bet for every spin. 

In addition, you will win at this slot by hitting 3 or more of every symbol on a win line. Then, it all seems standard, but this is the point where all can change. If you can hit a win, two things will happen. Firstly, the skulls creating the win line will start singing. Then, they will explode. By having exploded, the skulls above will fall into their place and new skulls will come in from above to fill the reels. 

This can immediately lead to additional wins and every successive win leads to a higher Multiplier, the size of the Multiplier doubling each time. It means that you must gain 6 wins in a row: the Multiplier will become 32x. 


In Esqueleto Explosivo slot review, the highest-value symbol is the pink skull that pays 2.5x of your total bet. The green skull is worth 1.4x from total bet and the orange, blue, and turquoise skulls pay 1.2x, 0.9x and 0.7x. At first, these win amounts look quite small. 

However, if you consider that a single spin can lead to multiple wins, each of these wins will get a largest Multiplier, it becomes clear that the pay-outs are fitting. There are a number of options for this game slot machine. You will be able to play about with the sound settings and the game settings and set the Autoplay feature to choose from. 

Wild Feature

In Esqueleto Explosivo slot review, the Golden Elvis like skull comes on the slot, this will work as a Wild symbol. It will replace any other symbol to give you more winnings. It is not enough, because when that symbol explodes, the explosion will take out every symbol around it. 

Then, if you are in the center of the slot, it will explode with 8 other symbols. These will be replaced and you can potentially receive more wins. This winning has a benefit of the next Multiplier on the ladder.


For the conclusion of Esqueleto Explosivo slot review, the moment when we start playing, we are hooked and we want to play again and again. The game is original and you will not be able not to laugh when the Elvis skull comes, starts singing and then explodes every skull around it! Enjoy this game at situs agen live casino online, the most reputable online casino. 

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