How to win at roulette

The Best Strategies on How to Win at Roulette Games

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For many, roulette looks like a game that is purely based on luck, but in reality there are strategies and tricks that ensure that you can win at roulette and also start making real money. This article will cover as much as possible about how to win at Roulette games.

You are certainly not the only one who wants to know how to win at roulette, as you can make a lot of money if you know how.

So how do you beat the roulette wheel? We have answered the question here, where you can also see how Oliver from the website uses a roulette system to make money playing roulette.

How you win at roulette

In this article below you can see what strategy I use to earn $1000 in 60 minutes using a roulette system. In this article you will also learn how you can be successful with roulette yourself. So please read carefully.

The system I use to earn money with the roulette wheel works as follows:

  • Place the lowest possible bet on either red or black and spin the roulette wheel
  • If you win, you place the same bet again. If you lose, double the next bet and place it on the opposite color of the previous bet.
  • If you win, you start over. If you lose again, you double the bet again.
  • Keep doubling until you win.

By doubling your bets when you lose, you will recoup your losses, as well as the amount of the initial bet, every time you win.

This means that you are always one step ahead of the game with this system. This system gives you the assurance that you will win at roulette!

how to win at roulette

The best tips on how to beat roulette

Anyone can beat roulette, as long as they are lucky. Statistically, the roulette wheel always has the advantage , which is why the casinos want us to play it so badly.

Unlike poker or blackjack, the roulette table more or less depends on odds. So it may seem difficult to consistently win at roulette and you really shouldn’t expect to learn how to do that.

You might get lucky enough with roulette betting your money in the right place. If you continue to bet, sooner or later you will lose your money as the roulette game has a mathematical advantage of 2.63% in the European and 5.26% in the French and in America this becomes “the sharp edge of the house ”.

Is there nothing you can do to win at roulette? Yes, there is actually something. Below you can read about things everyone can do to increase their chances of winning at roulette:

  • How to win at roulette by limiting your losses
  • How to win at roulette by increasing your winnings
  • Roulette systems and ways to win at roulette

1. Winning at roulette by limiting your losses

Obviously, the less you lose in roulette, the more you will win, which makes sense. Far too many people who play roulette are bad at keeping their losses down.

Here are a few points on how to keep your roulette losses as small as possible. If you do this roulette tips, you will come a step closer to knowing how to win at roulette!

Stick to outside bets

An outside bet is one of the following bets on the roulette table:

  • Red or black
  • High or low
  • Even of oneven

These 3 types of bets all yield a 1 to 1 win. That means that if you beat the roulette with an outside bet of $1, you win $1.

So outside bets are not that attractive when it comes to the size of the winnings, but in the long run your best chance is to win at this one.

Set a maximum amount you want to spend when playing

Once you’ve lost the first money at roulette it’s easy to be tempted to keep playing until you win back lost money.

This is dangerous in itself, as you may not be lucky and will continue playing until you run out of money.

That is why you should always make sure that you determine the amount you are going to play with when you try roulette.

It’s a good tip to try to write down the maximum amount you want to spend playing.

Pay out your winnings over time

A very good advice for those who want to win at roulette is to have your winnings paid out during the time you play. A good general rule is to cash out when you’ve won 50% of what was initially put in.

Therefore, if you start the game with $ 200, you should pay out quickly once you’ve won $ 100 at the roulette wheel.

This does not mean that you have to beat the roulette wheel, but it means that any loss you leave with after the game is no more than $100.

These advice will limit your losses and hopefully have helped you get a better idea of ​​how to win at roulette.

2. Win at roulette by increasing your winnings

The following roulette tips and tricks can all help maximize your chances of winning at the roulette wheel.

These methods of winning at roulette should be used together, as they by themselves will not increase your chances of beating the roulette wheel much.

Practice with a demo roulette game

Roulette is not a very complicated thing to understand, but if you have never tried to play it it can be difficult to see the whole overview.

Without experience it is easy to get confused about where to place your bets and if you don’t see the overview, you are very likely to make mistakes.

You would be wise to play a demo roulette game before trying to win at roulette. By doing this you can develop your own strategies to beat the roulette wheel.

Almost all online casinos offer demo accounts.

Always play European roulette

As we also mentioned before, the odds of winning on the European roulette wheel compared to the American roulette wheel are statistically twice as great. If you want to win on the roulette wheel you should always prefer the European version over the American one.

Most online casinos have both roulette versions, so unless you are particularly interested in losing at roulette, you should always go for the European one.

The odds of winning in French roulette are just as good as the European version, so you can choose those too, if available.

3. Win at roulette using a roulette system

Probably the best way to win in roulette is to use a roulette system. So how can you win at roulette with a system?

With a roulette system you can turn the house odds around quite a bit and it actually makes up for the odds of winning at the roulette wheel quite well. However, you should keep in mind that not all roulette strategies are created equal!

Over the years we have tested many roulette systems to make sure we found out which of them offer you the best options for winning at roulette. On this site you can see our expert with roulette systems, Oliver, who applies a so-called Martingale System to beat roulette.

Let the wheel spin a few times before you place your bet

Unfortunately, not every casino is completely legit and there are cases where roulette has been manipulated in favor of the casino. One way to quickly find out if you are being cheated on in roulette is to look at the wheel how it spins 10-15 times before you start.

If you land the ball on 0 more than once during the 15 times it spins, the alarm should ring and you should choose a completely different roulette table or a completely different casino.

This is not a 100% sure indicator that roulette has been cheated on, but statistically it shouldn’t be that common.

You will not get any closer to understanding how to win at roulette if you use a roulette that is not legitimate!

Select the correct online casino

When it comes to playing roulette at online casinos, you should be aware that not every online casino plays by the rules. It is important to find an online casino that is recognized by the others and, very importantly, that always pays out on winnings.

There is no point in winning at roulette if you can never cash out your winnings anyway.

In addition, you should always be sure that the casino you are playing at is using RNG software (Random Number Generator), which ensures that the roulette results are completely random.

The Best Roulette Systems

Roulette systems can increase your chances of making a profit. Probably your main goal is to win as much money as possible when you play roulette in an online casino. It may be beneficial for you if you start playing without a predetermined system, but the chances are much greater that you will not make any profit at all! If you really want to increase your chances of playing profitably, then you do well to use a smart way of playing.

The most common strategies for playing Roulette

There are plenty of methods that you can apply that significantly increase your chances of playing profitably and that you can really benefit from. Here you will find a number of interesting options that you can use when you visit an online casino. 

They teach you how to win at roulette and more importantly, how to stay a winner! We have explained a large number of popular betting methods in more detail, so you can perfectly determine the right strategy and tactics for yourself. 

Make good use of the useful roulette tips while playing to get the best roulette technique determine for yourself. Good roulette systems bring structure to your game. It is not to say that you always win, but they do increase your chances of winning.

There are several good strategies and below you can see the 2 that we think are the best way to win at roulette. This roulette system is relatively simple and doesn’t actually require much knowledge of either roulette or math. The system is based on placing the lowest possible outside bet. Red/Black, Even/Odd, Low/High. If it happens to you that you lose your bet, then select another outer bet and double your bet.

If you lose again, double your bet again and you more or less continue with this until you win. As soon as you win, you start betting again, placing the lowest possible bet. By doubling your bet after every loss, you will always win your money back in the end

This system is very easy to follow and makes the odds of winning at roulette very likely.

1. Martingale system

This old and reliable system certainly can help you play profitably online at the casino. The Martingale system is often used as a a doubling strategy by many beginners who choose to play roulette. For example, they might play for red/black or even/odd. This strategy comes down to doubling your bet every time you lose your previous bet

In theory if your bank account is big enough to bet unlimited money, you would always win in the end. But there is always a catch. This is because there is a limit to the maximum bet at roulette tables. This restriction alone will ensures that you cannot double your bet indefinitely.

Double or nothing: de basis of Martingale System

If you just want to play and have fun at roulette, this strategy will work well for you. You only need to make a basic bet and then double that bet when you lose. So each time you lose, you must double the previous bet. When you get a win, you must start again from the basic bet. 

This strategy also known as the ‘double or nothing’ strategy. Suppose your basic bet is $1, then your bet will be double each time you lose. If you are on a losing streak, your bet would look like the following sequence:

$1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024…

This is called the double or nothing strategy

The Martingale strategy is a guaranteed profit, but only in theory.

Unfortunately this strategy only work in theory. This is because the sequence of your betting ultimately detemine the results in a win. Of course, you will win all your losses from the previous bets. But unfortunately, there are two main obstacles that stood in the way of implementing this great strategy. 

First, the limit of your bank account. The sequence of your total bets can add up to a very considerably high number. And your bank account might not be sufficient (or maybe you just do not want to use the entire capital you still have). This is of course very understandable! In addition, nowadays there are many online casinos who also implement a maximum bet in the roulette table. This means you simply cannot going on a spree and keep doubling the bets as you like. So in the end, the Martingale strategy failed to succeed.

Origin of the doubling strategy

The doubling system of the Martingale strategy originated in France, sometime in the 18th century. At the time, it was often used in the game of heads or tails. Later it also turned to roulette, as the chance that red or black will fall is also close to 50%.

Properties of the strategy

Difficulty:very easy
Effort:negative progressive system with a fixed basic bet, where doubling with a loss is the starting point
Budget:very large budget required
Time investment:average
Risk:medium to very high with a long series of losses
Use it with:single odds

The age-old Martingale system is very easy and that is why this system is often quickly tried out by novice players. It is, however, a very risky system. In theory, this system always gives you a profit if you could play indefinitely, but that is always counteracted by the table limits in roulette. This is where the major pitfall of this system lies, which many a novice player can easily get into. The trick is to be able to see when your losses can no longer be made good. And that is precisely a trick that many novice roulette players often do not fully master. Our tip: give the Martingale system a try during a free practice game to experience how quickly losses can be in roulette. This is the only way to learn to recognize a high-risk series of losses.

2. The Paroli system

A somewhat special system reminiscent of the Martingale system in many ways. However, it is different from the fact that here you double your bet every time you win, as opposed to double every time you lose.

In practice, the system looks like this:

You place 1 chip on an outside bet. Let’s say black.

Let’s assume the ball lands on black, which makes you beat roulette. You then double the next bet on whichever outside bet you think is the best and you put down 2 chips. If you win again you have 4 chips and therefore you should make double that bet, for example 8 chips.

You will continue with this until you have reached your predetermined goal. If, for example, your goal was 16 chips, then you pay out all your money and start over. If you lose a bet, for example with 8 chips, you have actually only lost 1 chip. Every time you lose, you start over with betting.

Golden tip for Paroli system

The key to this strategy (and actually many other playing strategies in online roulette) is to understand when you are in an unbeatable loss series. Which is not that easy, by the way, because with the system you are betting that such a series will stop at your next bet.

As you can see, the Paroli system is very similar to the Martingale system. The odds of winning in roulette are the same in both systems, so it is up to you to choose which one to apply.

3. Fibonacci System – Playing with a Strategy

If you want to try playing roulette on the internet effectively, then you have to use one of the many roulette systems. A well-known roulette system to use while playing online roulette is the Fibonacci system. It has been used by many roulette players for centuries and is based on the mathematical sequence of numbers once invented by Fibonacci. 

It always applies that the next number in the series is always the sum of the previous two numbers. In other words: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, etc.

So, how does the Fibonacci system work?

If you choose the Fibonacci system to increase your chances of winning when playing roulette, you will use the number sequence just mentioned when determining your bet. For example, if you play with $10, the series will be tenfold: $10, 10, 20, 30, 50, 80, 130, etc. You may find it easy to write the series on a piece of paper in advance. So that you can immediately sees how high or how low the next bet should be. If you are betting using the Fibonacci system, if you lose you will move 1 step forward in the sequence. If you win, you go back 2 steps in terms of bet.

An example of betting using the Fibonacci system

Suppose you put $10 on red on your first turn. If you lose, you bet $10 again on the next turn. If you lose again, the next bet is $20. If you lose again, you then bet $30. If you win after that, you go back 2 steps in the number sequence and again, the next bet is $10 again. 

The system ensures that when you win, you always earn back the bet of your previous two turns. But be careful, because if you are unlucky enough to lose about 8 times in a row, then your total loss has already risen considerably. Therefore, determine in advance your own betting limit to which step in the series you are willing to go.


Who was Fibonacci anyway?

Actually his name is Leonardo of Pisa, but this Italian mathematician is better known as Fibonacci. 

He lived from the late twelfth to the mid-thirteenth century. He was born in Italy but was educated in North Africa.

 There he studied the Arabic numerals (including the number zero) and found that calculations could be made much more efficiently than with the Roman numerals, which were common in Europe until then. In 1202 he introduced this numerical system in Europe. 

After his death he received the nickname “Fibonacci” which consists of a combination of “Figlio di Bonaccio” or son of Bonaccio. Bonaccio means good man and was his father’s nickname.

Properties of the strategy

Difficulty:advanced, memorizing a sequence of numbers is necessary
Deployment method:progressive bet by means of a fixed basic bet at a loss.
Budget:highly dependent on number series but usually quite high, always choose a low basic bet
Time investment:medium to large
Risk:above average, especially when the series of losses increases
Playtime:variable and strongly dependent on the length of the number sequence, usually quite long
Use it with:single odds

The Fibonacci system is a fairly special roulette system and is based on a mathematical principle. It is certainly not the easiest system to put into practice, because memorizing the number sequence is necessary. A disadvantage of this system is that a series of losses results in a significant increase in the bet, which means that you run the risk of reaching the table limit fairly quickly. However, a single win bet can make up for two losses, something that can give you a profit in the long run as long as your bankroll allows it. It is important when using the Fibonacci system that you as a player must be able to see when it is time to stop. The Fibonacci system can provide long playing sessions,

4. Kavouras roulette system

Beating roulette techniques have been around almost as long as the game of roulette has been around. Many of the popular systems are therefore more than a hundred years old. In contrast to the Kavouras system, which has only existed since 2010. 

It was invented by the very experienced roulette player Kavouras and is seen by quite a few players as a well-functioning system with a high chance of winning. It is a strategy for the more experienced roulette player, although it is really not complicated to understand. In this article we explain how you can apply the Kavouras system, what the odds of winning and payouts are and what the pros and cons are if you start playing roulette in this way.

This is how the Kavouras roulette system works

The Kavouras system does not assume a random number sequence. The intention is to bet exclusively on the numbers of the cylinder. That does not have to be full on a number: in fact, all bets are divided between two or more numbers. A total of 20 pieces. In order to make your chance of losing as small as possible, you bet on as many numbers as possible with as few chips as possible. You do that as follows. You take eight chips (where you determine the value of 1 chip) and divide them over the numbers on the table in the following way:

  • you bet 1 chip on the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3
  • you bet 2 chips on the numbers 31/36
  • you bet 1 chip on the following intervals: 8/11, 13/14, 15/18, 17/20 and 27/30

On the roulette table it looks like this:

Kavouras roulette system works

Profit distribution with Kavouras roulette system

If the ball lands on one of the numbers you have bet on, the payout is as follows:

  • on the numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3 the profit on a hit is 1 chip
  • on the numbers 31/36 the profit on a hit is 4 chips
  • on the intervals the profit on a hit is 10 chips

In other words: with every turn you have a chance of a loss of 8, a profit of 1, a profit of 4 and a profit of 10. At first that sounds pretty good. But, as with all other roulette systems, it often goes wrong if you lose a few times in a row (possibly alternated with some winnings from 1 chip). Then your balance plummets sharply.

Odds of winning at Kavouras

Let’s calculate how your chances of winning are. Suppose that in a series of 37 turns all numbers fall one after the other. Then you have bet a total of 37 times 8 chips. That’s a total of 296 chips. You have then achieved the following winnings:

  • for the numbers 0 to 3, 9 chips are paid out, so 36 chips in total
  • 31/36 pays out 12 chips 6 times, so 72 in total
  • the chevals are paid 10 times 18 chips, or 180 in total

So you have won 288 chips on a bet of 296 chips. The loss is therefore 8/296 x 100 = 2.7%. Hmmm, where did we know that number again? Right, it is the regular house edge in the casino in roulette.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Kavouras system

The biggest advantage of this roulette strategy is that it is quite fun to play (as opposed to, for example, always betting on a color). Your gaming experience should be more enjoyable. In addition, it is fairly easy to learn, because you just have to remember the bets. Because 20 of the 37 numbers are covered, there will also be a profit more often than a loss. Yet we have just seen that that says nothing about your chances of winning and the payout percentage. The house advantage remains 2.7%, so the question is whether we can really speak of a strategy here.

Properties of the strategy

Difficulty:intermediate to advanced
Deployment method:betting units to be determined by yourself, fixed betting method
Budget:variable, you determine the betting unit, 8 chips are needed per turn
Time investment:average
Playtime:to be determined by the player
Use it with:does not apply; fixed method of betting

The Kavouras system is based on a fixed betting method and therefore offers you a lot of guidance as a player. The disadvantage of this technique is that a longer series of losses can hardly be compensated. Yet it also offers plenty of opportunities to make a nice profit on a number of bets won. 

Furthermore, the Kavouras system is quite unique and offers a nice addition to the overall gaming experience. An additional advantage is that the method of betting is always the same and you do not have to make any adjustments in the meantime.

5. Tier and All roulette system

There are all kinds of roulette systems out there that are all aimed at increasing your chances of winning and minimizing your losses. One of those systems is the Tier et Tout roulette system. It was invented in the nineteenth century by the Spanish businessman (and gambler) Thomas Garcia. As a traveling businessman for a French company, he regularly focused on gambling in his spare time. Tier et Tout is also called the Garcia system.

At first he let people gamble on his own, using marked cards and weighted dice. With the money he managed to collect, he decided to take a different tack: gambling in a real casino.

Multiple systems

He visited several casinos and his preference was usually for the roulette game. He invariably opted for a bet on red. Unfortunately for him, the systems he was using didn’t quite work, so he decided to develop just one himself. A system with bets on even odds (such as red / black).

On the winning side

After further developing his system, he entered the Homburg Casino in August 1860. And that did him no harm because at the end of his first visit there he had won 240,000 French francs (after losing quite a few times as well). 

Two weeks later he went back and the roulette business was thriving with his own Tier et Tout roulette system. He managed to collect another 500,000 French francs. A year later he returned to the Homburg Casino. Unfortunately he lost all his money there plus money he had borrowed from others during his stay. 

How does the Tier et Tout roulette strategy work?

By now you have seen that with this system you can make considerable profits and ultimately also considerable losses. But you still don’t know how the Tier et Tout roulette system works. First of all, it is a system that focuses on the single odds. You always bet on red / black, even / odd or 1-18 / 19-36. You use a starting bet that is always divisible by three.

For the sake of convenience, let’s assume $9. When you bet for the first time, you bet 1/3 of that starting amount, so $3. If you win, you add your winnings to your balance and bet 1/3 again the next turn, but now from your balance. So in this case $4, because you had collected $12 because of your win in the previous round. With this system you bet the remaining 2/3 of your total stock after a loss. 

Suppose you were to lose the second turn, you now bet your remaining $9. When you win, you do the same as before. With a loss, you are back at $0. Either you stop now, or you start again with $9. Think carefully in advance how much money you want to use, so that you do not play on for an unnecessarily long time in the event of losses.


In the beginning, the amounts remain divisible by three for a while, but soon you will also receive amounts that are less successful. Then round down and set aside the remaining amount. You could then see that as a profit. For the sake of convenience, below is an overview of the possible course of the use of this system.

RoundAmount1/32/3New amountDivisible by 3?Set profit aside

Whether you win in the first or second turn, the amount you continue to play with is always the same. If you start with $9 and you win, your next turn will be $12. If you lose the first bet and you bet $6 on the second, you also have $12 with a profit.

The pros and cons of the Tier et Tout strategy

In the end, it means that this system always remains profitable if you always have a profit within two rounds. Unfortunately, that is of course not always the case. Another disadvantage of the system is that it is a bit more difficult to handle with roulette in a real casino, because you will always need a piece of paper to calculate your bet and keep track of how much money you have already put aside. The advantage of the system is that you can flatten relatively safe bets and make high profits quickly.

6. The New Barbi system

Just like the Old Barbi system, the New Barbi system is a strategy you can use when playing roulette. It has just sharpened the effectiveness of the Old Barbi system. First read the operation of the Old Barbi system carefully, so that you then better understand how the New Barbi system works.

More than 81% of the numbers covered

With Richard Grace’s New Barbi system (which is considered the best-conceived roulette system) you cover 10 of the 12 streets of the roulette table, or 81%. You can bet 1x or 2x multiple. The table layout as shown below uses a 2x multiple bet. This means that you bet 2 chips or chips on every 10 streets. You then bet a total of 20 chips with a net profit of 4 chips or a loss of 20. By the way, with a double street you bet 4 chips and with a boxes 8 chips (see the picture).

New Barbi system

A chance of 4 out of 5

With your bets you cover 81% of a European table with a single zero, with this you have a 4 out of 5 chance that a number will fall on which you have bet. With a little luck you can stay ahead of the casino every time.

By means of a good money management system , you would be able to make up for a loss in 5 spins or earlier with a double bet. By looking closely at the results board you can increase your chances of staying ahead of the casino even more.

7. One Hit Wonder strategy – pick your number!

A method that is also widely used when playing online roulette on the internet is the so-called One Hit Wonder strategy. All you have to do is keep an eye for a while which number has not been dropped for quite some time, and then use this number yourself for all your bets. 

You keep playing on that one number (your One Hit Wonder) until you win once. So it just takes some preparation, but otherwise it is a fairly simple strategy to increase your chances of making money playing roulette.

Smart or slow strategy?

One Hit Wonder: some players swear by it, others prefer to ignore this method. If you win, you immediately pay out 35 to 1. That is a nice profit per bet. You just often have to be patient for it. 

First of all, it is a matter of checking in advance which number has not yet fallen. By the way, you can usually quickly gain insight into this by looking at the board with the fallen numbers behind the roulette table. Once you have chosen a number and bet, it is a matter of waiting. If your number falls fairly quickly, it will of course yield you a nice profit. Yet it may also be the case that the number does not pass at all and then the losses can be quite expensive. 

Most roulette players prefer to use a system or strategy where the chance that your prediction is correct, approaches 50%. Such as the Martingale strategy.

One Hit Wonder get its name from the music industry

Most people know the term One Hit Wonder from music. Over the years, there have been many different bands, singers or female singers who have had a one hit wonder, meaning they score very well with just one song (for example a number 1 position in the charts), but then never being able to achieve that position again with the following songs. How does that work in the field of roulette strategy? 

The One Hit Wonder method is based on the assumption that a number will have to fall one day. Then you keep betting on that number, until that number falls. And if you want to follow the line of One Hit Wonder, then you quickly choose another number once this number has fallen …

Note: Unfortunately, there is no good roulette system anywhere that ensures that you will always win when you play online roulette. 

Which strategy do you choose?

Another very important part of this system is that you cover 10 of the 12 streets with your bets. But how do you choose which streets to take and which streets to skip? Then, too, you view the results board and skip the last 2 streets that occurred. It can therefore be any two streets on the table and is therefore entirely dependent on the previous spins. You can also play on 0, 1, 2 or 0, 2, 3 instead of on a street. You have also included the number 0 and usually you bet on it fairly quickly after the 0 has not occurred in 12 spins in a row.

Useful tips that promote your playing style

  • It is best to choose 1 fixed system in advance and stick to the instructions while playing. By switching systems while playing, you lower your chances of a good return.
  • Go for a method that you also see something in it. If you don’t support it yourself, you may be making wrong choices while playing.
  • Some roulette systems are quite complicated and difficult to learn, print out the strategy and try to get proficient by playing the practice game on the website.
  • And last but not least, don’t forget that the casino’s final profit margin on roulette is theoretically still around 2.70% so far.


To get straight to the point: there is no single roulette system that is guaranteed to give you a big profit, otherwise everyone would use such a system and casinos could close their doors. As a player, you should always keep this in mind when you start using a roulette system. 

Players make proper use of roulette systems to structure their gaming behavior and betting methods. In addition, a roulette system can certainly give you a profit in the short term, but in the long term, the casino always wins. By using a roulette system you can reduce your risk of losing, and that is reason enough for many players to use a roulette system. 

In addition, it can also be a nice addition to the overall gaming experience. In this article we discuss the best way to play roulette in the casino, a roulette system can offer you quite a bit of guidance and insight, something that can be quite useful for inexperienced players. Structural betting with a roulette system is usually a better technique than every round, but randomly placing a bet!