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ARK Survival Evolved – Description

ARK Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved is one of the games that have the best graphics for the adventure and survival game genre that can be played online and offline.

In online multiplayer mode, you are required to be connected to the internet because you are playing with other ark players on certain servers. Whereas in the single-player (offline) game mode you are only alone on the map and don’t need an internet connection.

Even so, for the gameplay itself, both online and offline, it is basically the same which distinguishes only the number of players. There are still many users who are still confused and have difficulty playing ark survival evolved without an internet connection (offline) on their smartphone.

It is undeniable that offline games are currently an alternative option for users who have a minimum internet quota or are lazy to buy internet packages. In fact, with aeroplane mode on your smartphone, you can still play this offline game.

Survival Evolved – Tips and Tricks

1. Don’t Hit Too Many Punches

The first time you enter ARK: Survival Evolved, you will have nothing, only empty hands. Unlike in Minecraft where you can easily collect materials to make tools, in ARK: Survival Evolved your avatar will take damage if you hit wood too often.

The best way to avoid this damage you have to make tools as quickly as possible. The sooner you have the tools, the sooner you will be able to maintain your very low HP.

2. Make Pickaxe and Ax

Similar to when playing Minecraft, at first you will run around while hitting anything until it becomes material. That way, you have to focus on making tools as soon as possible. The method is very easy, you only need to beat the tree until it becomes wood and take a few stones then combine the two into a pickaxe.

Once you have a pickaxe, you can use it on bigger rocks to find flint. Then use the flint to replace the ordinary stones in your pickaxe, and you will have a stronger pickaxe and can search for materials faster, and you can also use this as a weapon when dealing with dinos.

3. Kill All Dodo

At the start of the game, dodo is the most common source of harmless meat, hide and EXP that you can find everywhere. You definitely need meat to restore your HP, hide is useful for keeping you warm, and EXP for levelling up your avatar. So make sure you kill all the dodo you see while travelling. Coel, (a type of fish) is also a common source of meat that you find early in the game.

4. Importance of Engrams in the Early Games

You have to know how important Engrams is in this game. You gain quite a lot of Engrams as you level up. There are hundreds of Engrams to choose from so it’s really important to know which one you need early in the game.
By the time you reach level 2, make sure to unlock the Thatch Foundation and Thatch Doorframe skills (for your initial protection), bonfires (for cooking meat), spears (for catching fish faster) and Stone Hatchets (for faster mining) ). For level 3, make sure to also unlock the roof, doors and walls of Thatch.


Studio Wildcard


Studio Wildcard, Virtual Basement, Efecto Studios, Instinct Games, Abstraction, Instinct Games S.A.E.


PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch


23 April 2018


Single-player, multiplayer


Action-adventure, survival

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