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After waiting for a long time, finally, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is officially released. Gamers immediately flocked to try this game, moreover, they want to experience how to do this typical Sparta kick. However, there are many different things between Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the previous series.

Franchise Assassin’s Creed always gives a different concept in each series. Even though in some series it never ends up being less mature and solid. And this time Assassin’s Creed Odyssey comes with a variety of changes and a myriad of new things, which on the one hand look very impressive, but on the other hand, look disappointing.

For those who follow various news about the latest Assassin’s Creed series, of course, you understand that before it was officially released to the market, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has received various criticisms. Especially, due to the presence of various changes that are too far from the various Assassin’s Creed series.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Overview

This game is a sequel as well as a prequel, you will continue the adventures of Layla Hassan who previously appeared in Assassin’s Creed Origins. Now Layla will dive into the memory of Alexios / Kassandra, who is the grandson of the king and the legendary hero of Sparta – Leonidas. Set in ancient Greece, you will be transported to the 400s BC, long before the Assassin order existed, that’s why this series is also called a prequel.

You are now free to choose the roles of brothers – Alexios or Kassandra. Whoever you choose, your character will still have the same story. If you take the role of Kassandra, then Alexios will be the younger brother, and vice versa, if you play the role of Alexios, then Kassandra will play the role of the younger brother.

Both Alexios and Kassandra were born into a respectable Spartan family which is the lineage of the greatest Spartan warrior of all time, Leonidas. But the prophecy at that time made Alexios and Kassandra’s family break up. Kassandra / Alexios, who was thought to have died in a fatal accident, is still alive and growing up as a mercenary on a small island.

Mission after mission he was on to survive and get a little extra money made him fall into a much bigger destiny. He finds his father – Nikolaus whom he considers guilty of breaking up their family. From Nikolaus, Kassandra / Alexios discovered that their mother was still alive.

Kassandra / Alexios’ main mission is family. That the child who grows up hard on the streets and without parents has the ambition to reunite their family. However, the journey to find the mother turns out to reveal a big “secret” that Greece, which is now being hit by a major war between two factions – the Spartans and the Athenians, is not as free as they thought. A hidden organization grows behind the scenes, which is also strengthened by a mysterious technology that can reportedly reveal the past and the future. This organization is known as the Cult of Kosmos.

So the journey of Kassandra / Alexios across Greece also intersects with the interests of this Cult of Kosmos. Especially considering that for some mysterious reason, the Cult of Kosmos seemed to be interested in the Kassandra / Alexios family bloodline and saw it as the “answer” they had been looking for. In the midst of this struggle, Kassandra / Alexios found several artefacts and relics of technology that were too advanced for the standards of their civilization at that time. These red threads are tied together and strongly connected in their efforts to find the figure of their beloved mother.


Ubisoft Quebec




Microsoft Windows; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Nintendo Switch; Google Stadia


2 October 2018




Assassin's Creed


Historic Action-Adventure

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