NASCAR Heat 4 is the official video game of NASCAR, featuring the 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series, NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series and fan-favourite, the Xtreme Dirt Tour. Career mode enhancements, updated visuals and new engine audio immerse players in the race. The new track map and unlockable paint schemes, combined with new AI controls, drafting features, and updated user interface gives players a more authentic feel for the action. Compete across 38 tracks against the 150+ official NASCAR teams and drivers as you race for the championship!

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NASCAR Heat 4 – Gameplay Information


  • What racing series are available in NASCAR Heat 4?  In NASCAR Heat 4, you can race in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, XFINITY Series, Gander Outdoors Truck Series, and the Xtreme Dirt Tour (not a sanctioned NASCAR series)
  • How many tracks are in NASCAR Heat 4? There are 38 tracks in total, including the Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval. All tracks from all 3 NASCAR National Series are available to play in NASCAR Heat 4. Also, Martinsville Night is available in offline modes if you pre-ordered the gold edition of NASCAR Heat 4
  • How many dirt tracks are in NASCAR Heat 4? There are 9 dirt tracks in NASCAR Heat 4. 4 are real: Charlotte, Eldora, Las Vegas and Texas. 2 are fantasy/real: Bristol and Richmond.  3 are fantasy: Drebin, Jefferson, and Taggart
  • How do I learn the optimal race line for each track? When in Practice Mode, there is an on-track race line that displays the optimal path and real-time optimal speed of your selected track. It’s a good idea to practice first if you aren’t familiar with a track

NASCAR Heat 4 – Career Mode


1. What is the difference between being a Driver and being an Owner in Career Mode?

When playing Career Mode, you will have 2 general paths to take; driver and owner. When you’re a driver, all you do is race. Just sign a contract and go! When you’re an Owner, you still do the racing, but you’re responsible for the operation of your race team or teams. You will need to hire and train employees, upgrade your facilities, purchase cars and create work plans for your employees, etc.

2. What is Equipment?

You have 3 areas of equipment when an owner; Aero, Suspension, and Engine. Each car chassis can be upgraded in those 3 categories. The level of your equipment determines the amount an employee can upgrade a car chassis in those 3 areas.

For example, if you have a chassis with an engine rating of 70 and assign an employee with an engine rating of 10 to that chassis, that chassis would normally get upgraded to level 80. However, if your engine equipment rating was only 75, you would not be able to upgrade your chassis engine beyond 75.

3. Can I own teams in more than series?

You can own 1 team in each of the 4 series. If you “own” a team, and then choose to be a “driver” in that series in a follow-up season, your team will still be there if you decide to become an owner in that series again later.

NASCAR Heat 4 – Product Information

To play this game on PS5, your system may need to be updated to the latest system software. Although this game is playable on PS5, some features available on PS4 may be absent. See for more details.


Monster Games


704Games Company


Microsoft Windows; PlayStation 4; Xbox One




Single-player, ‎multiplayer




Racing/Driving, Simulation

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