Overcooked 2 – Features

  • Throwing: Throwing is now an official game mechanic, allowing you to toss ingredients to your fellow chefs or even straight into the pan/blender/onto the floor!
  • New Level Mechanics: Overcooked 2 sees the introduction of new game mechanics including moving walkways, controllable platforms and even portals!
  • Dynamic Levels: Throwing you from the frying pan and into the fire, dynamic levels will change around you, offering a new challenge to overcome as the recipes and levels themselves change!
  • Interactive World Map: As you drive, sail and soar your way around the map in the Onion King’s amphibious air bus you will open up new areas using hidden buttons around the world!
  • Kitchens: From the neon lights of a sushi restaurant to the bubbling pots of a Wizard school kitchen, there are plenty of places to cook up a storm in Overcooked 2!
  • Recipes: From spaghetti to sushi and pancakes to pizza, recipes both old and new will need to be cooked to perfection (or at least not burnt to a crisp!) New recipes mean new ingredients and new equipment so even the most well-seasoned Overcooked players will be challenged!
  • Chefs: Overcooked 2 introduces a whole host of new chefs to play in the kitchen including an eagle, mouse, beaver and what kitchen is complete without an octopus!

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Since the release of its first game in 2016, Overcooked! brings a new cooking simulation concept to something fun. After the first game brought a lot of fans and became one of the indie games and cooking simulation that was very fun, Ghost Town and Team 17 returned to present the Overcooked sequel! 2 this year. Then what makes this game so interesting and could it be an indie game worth playing? Check out the following reviews.

Overcooked 2 – Overview

Overcooked 2

After continuing the glory of his first game, Overcooked! 2 trying to make the graphic quality more enjoyable for the players. It can be seen from the presence of a new colourful level coupled with the details of cute graphic quality. Although it retains its checkerboard shape as a graphic weight for the characters in the game, Ghost Town brings cooking particles that seem more detailed. Coupled with the complexity of the order of cooking and more complicated recipes, Overcooked is now! 2 feels more inventive and a little more difficult.

With this more challenging gameplay, it is certain that you will start to feel stressed by being pressed for time to fulfil endless orders from restaurant diners. Not to mention, if you put the sequence wrong, you have to repeat the cooking sequence from the beginning again.

1. Difficulty levels and longer adventures

When compared to the first game, Overcooked! 2 is about twice as long as the first game. This way, you will have more time to explore the various difficulty levels in it. If previously you could only cook in the kitchen which seemed boring, now you are challenged to cook in an unusual area.

From the dark kitchen to the raft being dragged by the river current, you will definitely panic to find this unusual cooking room. You can also find walking platforms that are very annoying and seem tricky so you don’t accidentally throw food away.

2. Cooking has become more fun

The further the adventure of the chef in this game, the more complicated the cooking space you will find. With increasingly complicated cooking recipes and narrow deadlines, you will find that the key to victory depends on precise cooperation. By playing with your friends or other people, you will find the nuances of cooking together that test your teamwork.

Some of the Kincir crew have tried it right away, how is the fun of cooking together at Overcooked! 2. For those of you who want to see their cooking excitement, you can see the following snippets.


Team17, Ghost Town Games


Team17 Software Ltd.


Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One




Single-player, ‎multiplayer, up to 4 players




Casual, Party, Family


Everyone/Pegi 3

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