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1. New and Enhanced Contents
2. Choose Your Way
3. Day/Night Cycle and Dynamic Weather
4. Neural AI
5. Expanded Customization

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Ride 4 is a racing game that is quite awaited by its presence in the midst of game players. The game developed by Milestone is always able to present a different playing experience in each series. This game is perfect for those of you who like racing games. You can play Ride 4 and become the best rider who will beat your opponents.

Ride 4 is the latest work of the Milestone developer from Italy. The racing series with this mass production motorbike has not met its peak moment until now. It comes with a simulation concept like the car racing versions, Gran Turismo and Forza. The Ride series’s games seem to want to repeat the triumph of the Tourist Trophy on the Playstation 2 that has not yet been achieved.

Ride 4 – Review

Milestone has released the Ride 4 trailer for Playstation 5. This Italian developer seems to want to show the difference in versions and playing experience between PS4 and PS5. If you notice, at first glance there is no difference between Ride 4 gameplay on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

But when you play the Ride 4 game on the PS5 for a long time, you start to experience different gameplay. Through a statement on the Playstation.Blog page, Luigi Crocetta, Producer of Milestone, explained that the workability of the Playstation 5 allows him to make Ride 4 playable at a better level. Especially at 60 FPS graphic quality with increased resolution up to 4K quality. Makes things look more natural.

That means players will be able to enjoy riding their beloved bike with the best quality graphics as well as a level of detail that has never been seen before. Your driving experience will also be more precise, satisfying, and almost real.

SSD Quality on Playstation 5 Makes Ride 4 Graphics Better

Luigi highlighted the SSD capabilities of the Playstation 5 which are getting better, allowing the Ride 4 quality to increase rapidly. With the ability to read data better, making the visual texture on Ride 4 even more immersive. Especially when the motor is driven at a high speed of up to 300 km/hour. Make the gaming experience even more real.

Besides, Ride 4 gamers will also later enjoy the experience of playing with Playstation 5’s DualSense.Through the sensor button which is getting smoother, it makes the sensation of choking the gas and pulling the motorbike brake lever more real Gamers are also promised to be able to feel a real vibration effect when driving on the road.


Milestone srl


Milestone srl


PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Seri X dan Seri S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One


5 October 2020


Single-player, ‎Multiplayer




Sports, Simulation

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