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  • Fully Compatible with Australia Playstation 4 Console
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WRC 8 – Overview

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WRC 8 is the official FIA simulation game, with all the teams, tracks and drivers you can find in a real World Rally Championship. This game is not only official but also has great detail and is a thrilling rally simulation that gave us hours of fun.

There are several modes that you can choose from, but maybe most of the thought and design has been spent on the career mode. Here, not only do you race on tracks in different countries such as Turkey and Portugal, but you also manage a team, level up with experience, and engage with sponsors (among other things). This team office provides a very interesting level of detail. Each race gives you experience and money, and your experience gives you skill points that you can use in the R&D section, which takes the form of a skill tree.

This skill tree is divided into four parts; team, performance, crew, and reliability. Reliability and performance are more about the car you have while team and crew skills will help you off the track with options to help you find new events or better weather predictions for racing. The money can be used to enter new events, such as training sessions. It can also be used to repair your car after a rally, which made us think that drivers in real life have to pay for the damage they cause.

Something that is interesting about this game is the addition of a repair session in the middle of the rally, where you can choose to repair your car with the risk of a time penalty or do the race on a mountain. It adds a management element that we think is a bit thought provoking; fix the engine and you will have a better chance at the next stage, but the total time it takes you to repair your car can cost you the race.






Microsoft Windows; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Nintendo Switch


WW: 10 September 2019


-Region Free US
-Fully Compatible with Australia Playstation 4 Console
-Region 1 USA PSN Account Required for DLC redemption or Purchases


Single-player, ‎multiplayer‎


World Rally Championship


Racing, Sports, Simulation, Multiplayer

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