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The Best Sports Betting Sites

We are looking for top sports betting sites. The longer you stay in the industry, the better. We review forums and blogs and investigate any complaints, making sure they are trustworthy sports books. Sports betting marketsOf course, a good sports betting site should have a wide range of sports betting markets. This is why we sign up! We want a wide range of sports and betting options to be readily available.



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Best Sports Betting Sites

Top Sportsbook: The Complete Guide to Sports Betting Sites 

There are dozens of top sportsbook website out in the internet. While the options are dozens, you actually only need one or two website. One website can be used as the main place to bet. The other website can be places to claim free bonuses.

In this article, we have compiled a long list of some of the most recommended gambling websites. These websites are labeled as top sportsbook website because they are popular. Not just in Europe, Asia but other country also loves these websites.

How to Choose the Right Top Sportsbook Website For You

Choosing a handful amount of sportsbook website can be heard. You can learn and understand these criteria to know the differences. If there are any red flags at all, then simple avoid the websites. Our list of top sportsbook website have been made sure so that you can enjoy games from trusted sources.

1. Fairplay and Odds of Website

Odds is always a part of gambling and online casinos. This is the only way for online casinos to track and give out rewards. The amount of reward that yo uwill get will be measured in odds. So for example if the odds are 1.2 then you are going to get 1.2x times the amount. 

The higher the odds means that the higher your reward will be multiplied. Usually, high rewards also means that you are highly unlikely to win. That is why players are given a choice to bet at any amount that the wish to do so.

Online casinos should have fairplay systems. Fairplay basically ensures that the website have fair algorithm and that there is no way for them to cheat. Playing in one of these websites is important because then all games are not rigged. You can enjoy games that are always fresh without any manipulation at all.

2. License and Legality of Website

Looking and choosing the right top sportsbook websites also comes from the legal aspect. You need to choose a website that is compatible to your region. There are several websites that is already internationally renowned. The examples of these casinos are such as Bwin, or Caesar’s Casinos.

Without a license, these online casinos are unable to operate in a specific region. Their website will pretty much be banned because the games they offer are illegal. This is a red flag to keep in mind. Do not play in a website where there is no license. Having no license in that website will eventually lead to a rug pull or a scam.

License can be looked from at the FAQs or other columns of the website. This is important for a website to show to their customers. Licenses are given out by government of Gibraltar or even other third party organizations. This can mark if the website is safe or not.

3. Depositing Methods

Choosing the top sportsbook website means that you also want to look for the easiest way to deposit. Depositing easily can cut off any types of fees and save you some time. Usually the things you want to look for are such as Paypal depositing methods. Some casinos also offer skrill.

Some of the other depositing methods that you might want to look into can include credit cards and debit cards. The more depositing methods presented to you means that the more options that you will have. Which will be a good thing.

Not only depositing methods, but you also want to look for the withdrawing methods. There is no point in gambling if you cannot get your money back to your wallet. These withdrawing methods should mainly provide Paypal options. This way you are ensured that you can pull out money.

4. Variety of Games Provided

A top sportsbook website should not only focus on the big leagues. There are more than just big European leagues or American leagues. Instead, these websites should also include the smaller leagues such as South American, Spanish leagues, or even Asian leagues.

This will make the option pool for gamblers much bigger because you get to choose what to bet on. With a better variety, players can navigate through. Maybe one league’s betting odds is much better than other types of odds in that website.

Variety is more than just the types of sports that you want to bet on. Maybe it is not always about football. But what about other types of sports such as swimming, badminton, or even basket ball. All of these varieties will make it so much better especially for players to try.

Last but not least, look for websites that also offer live casino and slot games. Playing in just sports book will make it extremely boring. Top sportsbook website must be able to offer options to their players. Some of these options also include dice games, poker, black jack, and even roulette.

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Top Sportsbook Website To Try Today

Down below we have curated some of the best top sportsbook websites that ever existed. These websites have had years of experience. So you will surely be in safe hands with so many games to try. The websites we have listed is not put in any particular order. We have made sure that these websites have over thousands of active players daily.

1. BetMgM

BetMgM is one of the biggest sites that have existed for more than 10 years already. They used to be an offline sportsbook company and manages bets for America’s richest. Nowadays, BetMgM offers one of the most standardized odds on sportsbook platform. Any sportsbook bet will have the most similar odds to BetMgM.

Playing in BetMgM is quite basic. Players can navigate and look for sports to bet on easily. The website also gives a full tutorial for anyone who wants to place their money. The odds will also give instant prediction of how much money that you will get.

Players are given transparency in the odds they get and the money they win. Take for example a player placing around $10 of money in a 1.15 x odd match. Then you are going to instantly get $11.5 total reward if you win.  This is a must-try website for anyone who wants an easy game.

2. Betwin

Next one we have one of the top one website that is currently active everyday. Sports book website must be able to provide games up to 24 hours a day. Betwin high quality website in which you can find over 1,000 active games to play. The amount of games can be updated each hour. So you can find new games and even refresh scores to get the Live score.

Think to mention this website is that they are able to give you a live feeds. This means that every time you place a bet you will know what exactly is going on in that match. If you’re losing the score will show it directly to you. You can even place life bets in which the money will be processed according to the odds that you get. 

Of course if you place a bet mid game then the odds will be much lower. Placing a bet like this have increase the wind rate of many players. You can directly try this feature in the Betwin website.

3. Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook is under the company and group of Caesars Casino. If you have been to Las Vegas then you are already familiar with the name Caesars. Caesars specializes in sports betting. But it is not the one that you think. When it comes to sports betting, people usually think about football or even similar sports like basketball. However, Caesars Sportsbook focuses on another market.

In this website, you can enjoy a huge variety of games other than the ones we have mentioned to you. The other alternatives that you can enjoy are actually horse racing and boxing matches. There are dozens of MMA fights such as the UFC and etc. In this website, players get to place money on real time matches.

The Caesars Sportsbook website only allows pre game betting. So you are not allowed to place a bet mid game or even nearing the end. Placing a bet just minutes before the game starts is still allowed. We recommend you to place a bet days before the actual match.

4. DraftKings Sportsbook

Another sportsbook website that deserves the top sportsbook list is known as DraftKings. DraftKings is a website that is mostly visited for e-sports betting. Some of the game that they offer are such as NBA Live tournaments and draft matches.

DraftKings also specializes in specified betting. Which basically means that all of the players are given many more options. Usually you can only place your money on things such as who wins and who loses. But this time DraftKings offers players to even bet on who will score next. This gives a much better betting experience because now you can have better odds.

The likelihood of someone to win one of these bets are very low. But it is still a fun option if the players want to place side bets. Side bets does not have to be huge but rather only small amounts of money with huge pay outs.

5. Unibet

Last but not least is Unibet. Unibet is an international sports betting website that gives all the sport betting option. Players can choose a huge range of websites. Unibet uses a 3rd party software to provide high quality games.

Not just that but Unibet actually offers a great quality of service. Anyone who logs into their website are given a unique gameplay. They also ensure that players will have a safe experience. So anything that you do in this website is anonymous.

Unibet offers a much bigger bonus in comparison to other types of website. Some top sportsbook website may only give as much as $10 for registration bonuses. In Unibet, there are dozens of bonuses that is available to all of their players. Specifically for new players, Unibet gives around $50 depending on the amount that you are depositing.

Are Top Sportsbook Website Safe?

The website we recommend you have legal gambling licenses. Hence making it extra safe for any players who want to play. We advise you to only play the sites we have listed so that you can keep your money safe too.

All in all, sportsbook website operate on a legal basis. They cannot just steal your money or cheat you out of it. There are certain regulations and laws that prevent a website from tricking their players. Overall we can conclude that these sportsbook website is already safe. So feel free to try some of these games to know what they feel like.

Why you should avoid illegal betting sites

There is a reason why these websites are named as the top sportsbook website. The reason why they are on the top is because these websites are already verified by licensing organizations. Playing in an illegal website have many of its risks.

First of all, you can lose money when the website tries to scam you. This is a very common thing because now players cannot pull their money out. There is a great amount of challenge now that the website do not allow you to withdraw. Players can always deposit but cannot withdraw in illegal betting sites.

On top of that, illegal betting sites have a huge chance of being disappearing randomly. You can lose your money once the website no longer exist. This is a very huge risk that you do not want to take. Especially if you are putting hundreds of dollars into a website.

Best Betting App for Bettors in the World

These websites will feature some of the best types of gambling game that is currently hot in the market. Maybe you are interested in playing games such as poker, blackjack, or even roulette. These are just some of the classics that players can play. On top of that, you can also enjoy a wide variety of games that we are going to establish in these websites.

Playing in these websites ensures a few things and keep these in mind. First of all, we prioritize safety of the players. So you can be assured that all of these websites are already verified. Which means that each and every single one has a proper license to operate as a legitimate website. On top of that, you will also have a huge selection of games.

An increasing number of competitors in the United States are entering their sports betting accounts with mobile apps. Smartphones and tablets are adding devices that these advocates use to reach markets. The experience of mobile betting when it comes to desktop computers is very different from that of competitors.

That’s why it’s important to guide the best mobile betting apps in the United States. Abandoning this means disregarding the special interests of mobile phone users when choosing their sports betting pages.

One of the specific criteria for mobile advocates is the emphasis on site layout. The best mobile betting sites have a mobile-first design approach. This means that they design their website taking into account mobile users.

This is important because most sports betting sites automatically grow according to the device they use to reach them. Having a mobile-first design means that the site looks good on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Mobile hackers also have special bonuses to watch out for. Some sports books offer bonuses if you log in using your mobile device. This is a good little encouragement when you are thinking about which mobile sports book you want to own.

Best Bookies: The Odds Shark Evaluation

The Odds Shark Evaluation is one of the best bookies on the market right now. In general, asian bookies are basically providers of sports betting. Say that you want to place a bet in football or even basketball. Bookies will provide the types of odds for you to place your bets. Starting from 8 times, 5 times, and they will go as low as 1.3 times.

What makes bookies special is that they offer special odds. We name it as odds shark evaluation for several reasons. First of all, asian bookies have the lowest fees in comparison to other types of bookies in general. This is because asian bookies take low profits from their players. This enables for smoother gameplay and players can make much more money this way.

The odds is usually still above 1.2x and this is considered very high for low odds betting. This includes sports matches where players are very sure that their bets will win. That is why asian bookies are the best type of bookies to play in.

Besides that, players will also get an additional feature such as no withdraw fees. The reason why you need to play in an exclusively bookie is so that there is no fee. Playing in western online casinos will cost lots of money.

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How to Fund your Account at an Sportsbook

Each sportsbook will offer their players something called as a personalized account. This personalized account will be very useful because it is only for you and only you can use it. Each account is also embedded with a unique tracer ID.

To fund it, try to find the deposit button. This button will lead you to another page in which you can choose the proper deposit method. These methods include cryptocurrencies, debit cards, credit cards, local bank transfers, skrill, and paypal. We will learn more on how to do it in the next part.

To deposit using bitcoin, you need to have a bitcoin wallet first. After that, you can simply click the Bitcoin button and this will lead you to an automated Coinbase page. Here, users will be given a unique bitcoin address that you need to copy. Do not retype these addresses because these address are often wrongly written. Do not take that risk at all.

Copy this bitcoin wallet to your bitcoin or crypto account. After that, just send the amount of money that you want to that wallet. If you wrote that you want to deposit $50, then put the same amount in crypto. Usually cryptocurrencies have a specific amount of coins and this transaction will only last for a short period of time.

Another popular way of depositing your money into an Asian bookie website is by using Paypal. Paypal is a very easy payment service that you can use. When using Paypal, users only have to login with their email and then send the designated amount of money. You can also request refunds in case that you are depositing too much of your money.

To deposit using Paypal, users have to insert their email address and login through a merchant website. Check the casinos for these types of login and make sure that they are real. Usually there will also be scam attempts with fake Paypal links. Insert the amount of money and this money will directly be taken from your wallet. If not you can also use debits or credits to pay.

Debit cards is the best way to deposit because it will come directly out of your bank account. Online casinos and bookies will give you a variety of options. Some of these options are such as depositing money using Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

Beware that debit cards often come with a hefty fee of around $1 per transaction. This also depends on which country you are from. Asian countries charge for around $0.50 which is much lesser.

Last but not least there is credit card. Using credit card to deposit can be profitable if there are promos and bonuses. If not, then you can still use credit card. Just be sure and do not forget to pay back your credit card company. Credit cards do not charge a certain type of fee. The same fee from debit cards also applies to credit card depending on who the provider is. So be sure that you are using your credit card wisely.

Withdrawing your Winnings

Say that you have just played and spent a lot of time. You came out a winner and you want to withdraw all of the money back to your back account. There are several things to keep in mind. When withdrawing, you can only withdraw back to Paypal or bank account.

Of course other options such as withdrawing to cryptocurrency wallet also exist. But this may take a bit more time than expected for players. That is why they prefer other types of withdrawing methods. Choose either Paypal or bank account and then you can read more down below.

If you do choose to withdraw using Paypal, then put in your email without having to log in. The system will automatically detect if your email address is suitable for withdrawal. Click the amount of money that you want to withdraw back into your Paypal. After you are ready then simply click withdraw. This is fairly simple and quick and it should not take more than 10 minutes.

For other types of withdrawal such as bank account, you need to consult with the customer service. Usually for players in Asian countries, they will provide a handful amount of banks to withdraw. Not all banks are available for you to withdraw through.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions also exist for all types of players. There are some bonuses that you need to keep in mind when you are playing online slots or casinos. All casinos in general will give you one type of bonus and they do it the same way. This is usually called as the first deposit or welcome bonus.

All players will have the rights to claim this bonus. To get the first and biggest bonus yet, you can simply do a first deposit. Maximize your first deposit because you can only get this bonus once. After that, players will be given the option to choose more promos and bonuses.

Cashback also applies as bonus and promos. Cashback is when you spend a certain amount of money into a game. The machine or system will give a portion back, for example around 10 % of your original bet. So if you place an amount of $100 then you get $10 back. This is a favorite for many people to try. Each bonuses have terms and condition you also need to consent to.

What Sports Can You Bet On at the Top Bookmaker Sites?

Horse Racing Systems

Football and Soccer

Football is one of the most popular amongst all of the sports that exist. This is because people enjoying watching it. There are also many options for gamblers to choose from regarding the types of league that you want to try. We highly recommend that you try big leagues such as European and Premiere Leagues.

On top of that, people also find it easier when they can bet in a sport that is widely known. If you want to go anti mainstream, you can do the same with Italian teams and etc. The opportunity is endless when you are playing this game.

There are many league for you to try before you run out of options. The betting options in football and soccer is also very wide. You can bet on players, scores, exact points, and etc.


Another popular sport is known as basketball. Basketball is very similar to football and soccer because this type of sport is widely known and has many leagues. Such as the NBA, European leagues as well as Chinese leagues. People can bet freely and it is very fun to watch.

Basketball matches also takes awhile to finish. So people cannot just end the bet or win the bet instantly. Instead they get the thrill of actually watching the game while everything is still happening. Basketball is a must try bet if you are looking for quick money. Sometimes teams are harder to predict if they are both major teams. But a major team vs under dog is an easy prediction.

What Betting Options are Available?

Bet on Teams

Betting on which team is the winning team is fairly simple. You do not need to understand a lot of things in order to bet in teams. All you need to understand is that you have to predict which team will win. Each team will have different odds of course. Popular teams will have a lower odd because everyone else is also betting on those teams.

Bet on Scores

People usually bet on scores because it is easier. For example you can bet on the total score of being more than 2 goals in football. Or you can also bet if the total score is less than 200 or more than 200 in basketball.

Asian Sportsbook and Casino

Asian sportsbook and casino is a must try combination. Not many websites offer these types of combination in which you can play both at once. We will give some recommendation on how to easily bet below.


Roulette is a classic game and it is very easy to understand. You can place a bet on a number or a color and wait for the ball to land.

Boxing Matches

Asian sportsbook usually give up to date events such as real time boxing matches. There are dozens of boxing matches daily. But the most popular ones comes from UFC.

The Legalities of Online Gambling in Asia

Many people ask if online gambling is legal or not. In Asia, each country have different laws. That is why not all countries are able to access certain gambling websites.

To access these websites, all you need to do is to download VPN. Connect to another server from another country which legalizes gambling. You may try Hong Kong, Macau, or Singapore.

Staying Safe: Top Tips to Stay Safe Betting Sports Online:

  • Play in trusted websites and double check the URL
  • Look for certifications, logo, as well as legalities of the website
  • Deposit small amounts at a time and then try to withdraw the money
  • Contact customer support if you need any support

Sports Betting Site Tip

Sports betting is fairly easy but not everyone can win. To maximize your profits, simply use strategies that can help you in winning. First of all, you can bet in teams and this can be your main bet. You can bet huge amounts in your main bet because the odds are better.

Do not forget to also use side bets to increase your profit. Side bets have very low odds, but you might want to take your chances. Low probability or high odds basically means you have a high reward. These types of odds are usually highly unlikely to happen and if you win, you can get 10 times the original bet amount.

Signing up at an Asian Sportsbook

Asian Sportsbook is a must try for anyone trying gambling for the first time. Low fees and good odds is key thing to highlight when you are trying asian sportsbook. Asian sportsbook is specialized for people in the Asian region. Depositing and withdrawing is also much quicker this way.



Playing in top sportsbook website is the safest way to gamble. You can get lots of bonuses and brand new promotions. On top of that the odds are also clear. With many possibilities to win, you surely will never have enough of sports betting. That is all from our online sportsbook review today.

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