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Diabetes Treatment

What are diabetic socks? They are a type of socks that are made out of an elastic material, and they are specially made to help with poor circulation in the legs of people who are afflicted with the illness of diabetes. Diabetes is a nerve disorder. Eventually, over time the nerve endings are damaged due to the illness. This causes lack of sensation in the feet. A diabetic needs socks for diabetics to battle the issues with their legs and feet due to the nerve damage. When a diabetic is active, their legs suffer especially the lower legs and feet. They will need a diabetic sock to control blood circulation and prevent blood from pooling in the feet which will cause pain and swelling.

Diabetic socks are knee high. They put pressure on the leg starting at the ankle. They pressure is decreased as it goes up the leg to the knee. If you feel that you need a pair of diabetic socks you should see your doctor to get a prescription for them. They can be costly, so you may be able to get your insurance to pay for your first pair.

They come in an assortment of colors and sizes. You will need to be fitted for them as they must fit snuggly to be effective. If they are too loose they may bunch up and cause a devastating blister that can become infected. Too tight and they may cut off circulation. They must fit properly to work for you. They are seamless so as not the cause a blister from the seam. Diabetic socks will help to promote good circulation in the legs and feet. If you need a pair, ask your doctor for a prescription. If you want more than one pair, be prepared to pay a high price for these special socks.