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Dr. Kenneth Guthrie: Whats Best For Your Eyes?

Eyes being the windows to ones soul require the best care that can be provided to them. They require great care and pampering which only a good Optometrist like Dr. Kenneth Guthrie can provide. Because when it comes to experience and safe practice, there is no on better.

The mark of a good optometrist is that he knows how to handle any eye related problem with ease and with the consent of the patient. He must be qualified in his field should have safe methods of diagnosing your problems. Usually, and optometrist will conduct some basic tests to check the efficacy of your eyes to make sure that the general performance of the eyes is good, before moving on to any detailed analysis. In the age of internet, background research is not very difficult with every bit of relevant information available online. You can check the qualification of the doctor as well as their personal records to make sure that you are satisfied with them before consulting them for your problems.

When you go to an optometrist, it is advisable that you should know what the basic procedure of the diagnosis would be. Firstly the doctor will conduct the performance test to check your eyes efficiency along with thorough check of your visual fields to ensure your ambit vision is fine. Then that will be followed by the additional visual tests where the movement of your eyes in accordance to moving objects will be tested to see that there is no restriction, will also be checked. And lastly, the papillary tests will determine how your pupils react to different lights. In case of a recurrent problem, there might be some other tests conducted in detail to identify the problem in your eyes.

After the thorough optical inspection, if you are prescribed sight glasses, you need to again do a little research as to what kind of colors of frames and sizes would go with your face. For that you must know the shape of your face and try different frames to see which goes best; the color of your eyes can also determine the color of frame you should get. Then the question of the brand and price arises; if you are familiar with the brands of the glasses that are more comfortable for you, and their price range, that will make the selection a lot easier for you, so you can look into these details and buy the pair that suite you best. Taking a friend along when making your choice may help you get a second opinion as to how they generally look on your face.

It is common to misplace your spectacle if you are not used to already having reading glasses; so it is also advisable to get an extra pair in the form of backup in case you lose the pair that you are using so that your eyesight may not suffer if your glasses are lost and you have to get new ones.

Your eyes are sensitive and they require a lot of care, deteriorating eyesight or blurred vision can cause great hindrances in your daily work, so see your OKC optometrist Dr. Guthrie regularly, as he is the best choice, but even if you choose a different doctor, make sure that you pay regular visits to them so that your eyes do not suffer any problems or the existing problems may not grow.