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Guava for good health


Guava is a common fruit.

The two varieties of fruits have white or red pulp.

Taste wise the fruit has varieties that are sweet, sour and insipid. Fruits from winter season are sweeter and tastier than fruits that are available in rainy season. It is available in cultivated and wild varieties.

Chemical Composition

Roots and bark are rich in tannic acid. In addition, it also contains crystals of calcium oxalate. Leaves contain fats, tannins, volatile oil and vegetable and mineral salts. The tree also includes phosphorus and an acidic substance containing calcium and manganese. It is also rich in vitamin B and C.


Guava is tasty, appetizing, quenches thirst, enhances semen formation and strengthens the heart. It is anthelmintic and anti-vomiting. It is purgative and cures a cough.

Health benefits of Guava and Medicinal usage


Before sunrise, take unripe guava. Rub it on stone and make a paste. Apply the paste on the forehead area which ache. It cures even the most severe headaches. This treatment should be administered 3-4 times a day.


Chew 3-4 guava leaves. It relieves toothache or boil 3-4 leaves and add potassium permanganate in the water for gargles. It relieves toothache.

Guava for good health


Chew fresh guava leaves with catechu. It cures boils in the mouth.

Mental disorders

A decoction of leaves is used to cure mental disorders, polyuria, and physical and mental deformities.


Massages the backbone of children using the tincture of leaves.

Heart tonic

Take guava fruits, remove all the seeds in it. Chop the fruit into fine pieces, add sugar and form a paste/ sauce on low heat. This paste/ sauce is very beneficial for the heart. It also cures constipation.


In the case of phlegm that is blocked for quite some time, give one big guava (remove the seeds first) to the patient and then give fresh water to drink immediately. Within 2days, blocked phlegm will flow and clear the nose. After 2-3 days, to control the flow, give 50 gm jaggery without water at night.

Cough and related disorders

1.In the case of dry cough where phlegm does not come out easily, bite and chew a fresh guava. Within 2-3 days, it cures cough.

2.Take the tincture of guava, mix it with honey and give it to the patient. It is beneficial in curing dry cough.

3.In the case of excessive phlegm and cough, constipation and mild fever, give fresh, sweet guavas to eat.

4.In the case of common cough due to cold, take unripe guava and roast it on fire. Give this to the patient with salt. This gives relief and cures cough.


Drink 10gm decoction of guava leaves. It controls vomits.


Take 10 gm juice of its soft leaves and mix sugar in it.

Eat this early in the morning. It gives relief within 7 days.

Thirst and dry mouth

Cut fine pieces of guava and soak in water. After some time, drink this water. This water quenches thirst due to diabetes or urinary problems.


During breakfast, give guava with black pepper, black salt, and ginger to the patient. It cures indigestion, acidity, swelling of the stomach caused by indigestion or accumulation of wind, and constipation. Eating guava during lunch is beneficial in curing colitis, and diarrhea.


Guava jam is beneficial in dysentery and diarrhea.

Prolapsed rectum

1.In case of children, apply thick decoction of root as paste.

2.In case of prolapse rectum during acute diarrhea, prepare poultice of fresh leaves and tie it. It relieves pain and the anus settles down inside.

3.For internal treatment, grind guava and nagkeshar into a fine powder and prepare tablets of the size of urad pulse. Give these tablets to the patients.

4.Take equal quantities of guava root, bark and leaves. Take 250gm of this mixture and grind it solid. Boil this mixture with 1kg water. When water is reduced to half, use this decoction to rinse the affected area and push it inside. This will help it settle inside.


Make the paste of fresh guava leaves and apply on the painful area. It helps relieve the pain to a great extent.