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Natural Heartburn Home Remedies

Can heartburn be controlled without antacids or Proton pump inhibitors? For the most part yes. Most sufferers needn’t take potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs in order to reduce heartburn. This is smething that can be done economically through diet alone.

There are a number of foods available for a heartburn sufferer looking to control the condition naturally or the sufferer looking to gain independence from over the counter medication. Most of these foods are cheap and easy to obtain! But first of all, we need to look at prevention. In order to reduce heartburn, the first thing we need to look at it is the kind of food that triggers it. We will call these trigger foods.

Get rid of food that creates or worsens your heartburn. Your Esophagus May be Rotting from the Inside-Out

The most prominent trigger foods in the dozens of cases I have personally investigated are tomatoes, fizzy drinks, oily foods and overly processed carbohydrates. A logical step would be to try and eliminate these foods from your diet and see what effects it has.

One other thing I did was to slowly choose a food stuff to eliminate from my diet for a week and then note any changes in the incidence and severity of my heartburn. I understand tha most people won’t want to go through this time consuming and tedious procedure to reduce heartburn but I was desperate to stop the pain.

To reduce heartburn, don’t eat so much.

Another one of my cardinal sins was my tendency to overeat. Being involved in bodybuilding necessitates the consumption of a LOT of food. I found myself eating huge quantities of fod and within minutes, I was enduring agonizing heartburn. I then leanred that I was putting a lot of pressure on my stomach and as a result, the contents were spilling into my esophagus and causing the heartburn.

I then downsized my meals and increased the frequency. Immediately, I noticed an improvement.

Have natural heartburn remedies after meals!

I have been heartburn free for a while now (nearly a year). I found that using just one method would provide temporary relief and then the heartburn would soon return. So yes, the methods would reduce the heartburn, but it somewhow managed to rear its ugly head once more. I then realised that if I combined all three methods, I would be almost bulletproof.

I then eliminated trigger foods, ate small meals frequently and then had one of the many natural heartburn remedies after a meal or as part of it.