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Rapid Weight Loss Techniques

Three Rapid Weight Loss Techniques

If you want to lose weight and shed ugly fat quickly, it can be accomplished quite easily with the following three rapid weight loss techniques.

Technique #1:  Drink Lots Of Water

Water’s Role in the Body

What is the most important nutrient that our body requires?  You guessed it, water!  In fact, most of us are nearly 80 percent water (depending on factors such as age, gender, and weight).

Water is utilized by every system that functions in our body.  Our body temperature is kept stable by water.  Water also moistens the oxygen we breathe.  It protects our organs and helps food get broken down and converted into energy.  In fact, water helps carry nutrients and oxygen to every living cell we have.  The cushioning in joints is largely made up of water.  Water will help keep hormones stable and your metabolism an efficient calorie burner, two things that are vital to rapid yet healthy weight loss.  Water also:

– Helps get rid of toxins and waste in the body

– Makes up 92% of our blood (our life fluid)

– Makes up about 80% of our brain

– Makes up about 25% of our bones

Why Does Everyone Tell Me to Drink More Water?

As you just learned, water is used everywhere in the body.  As a result, drinking plenty of it has many healthy benefits.  Drink enough water and even your skin will be hydrated and be more protected against wrinkles.

Weight loss experts recommend drinking water because it will give you a more full feeling which helps limit calorie intake.  This means you’ll be more likely to maintain a healthy and proper weight.  By maintaining a healthy weight, your back, joints and knees will thank you for it since there will be less weight that they have to bare.  Also, water helps to flush fat out of the body when you diet properly and exercise.

What Constitutes Proper Hydration?

The norm that I typically hear is that we should drink eight or more glasses of water every day.  Did this number just get pulled out of the air?  The average person can lose nearly three liters of fluid each day through sweating, waste removal, and air that gets exhaled.  On a daily basis, that is over eight cups of fluid!  To avoid dehydration it should be common sense that we need to drink at least that much water.  Food will account for about twenty percent of our fluid intake.  The rest will need to come from what we drink.  So the recommendation of eight glasses of water per day is a good target.

I even recommend that you aim for up to a gallon of water a day.  So put down those sugared or caffeinated drinks and pick up a tall, cool glass of the clear stuff and you’ll be well on your way to shedding weight quickly and improving your overall health.  The calorie savings from doing this alone will equate to quick weight loss!

Technique #2:  Stick To Carbohydrates That Are Unprocessed

Carbohydrates play a very important role in our diet.  Since our bodies digest carbs the fastest (versus protein and fats), they have the greatest impact on our blood sugar, also known as our glycemic index.  The glycemic index measures how blood sugar levels rise (and fall) in some measure of time.    Research shows that when carbs that are considered “high glycemic”, our bodies are put into a mode that more readily stores fat.  It is important to notes that not all carbs affect blood sugar in the same way.  According to several studies by the National Academies Institute of Medicine, certain carbs cause our blood sugar to massively fluctuate, meaning blood sugar levels will rapidly rise and fall.  If this roller coaster effect happens regularly, it can cause some serious health problems, including:

Hunger and weight gain

Loss of memory


Mood swings

Metabolic Syndrome

An increased risk certain types of cancer and heart attack

Resistance to insulin

An increased risk of type 2 diabetes

Slow Acting Carbs (Good)  Versus Fast Acting Carbs (Bad)

All carbohydrates will raise blood sugar to some degree but some carb-rich foods will raise blood sugar faster and higher than other foods.  That’s because the body can easily convert these carbohydrates into glucose quickly.  These type of foods are called fast-acting carbs.  Carbohydrates that are fast-acting will cause the body to pump high levels of insulin to counteract the sudden surge of blood sugar.  In fact too much insulin gets released, which then causes our blood sugar to come back down very rapidly.  This tends to cause our blood sugar to drop too low and you’ll often get very hungry again.  You are also likely to feel tired and may even have a headache.

Some examples of fast-acting carbs include:

potato chips


breads made with white flour

white rice

sugared sodas

ice cream


cake and cookies

processed treats (think Twinkies)

There are many more but this gives you a pretty good idea.  Foods that contain carbohydrates that are slow-acting are much easier on the body and they don’t cause your blood sugar levels to spike.  Slow-acting carbs also take much more time for the body to break them down.  This means your blood sugar levels should be just that, fairly level throughout the day.    Eating carbohydrates that are slow-acting will prove to be healthy in many ways, including:

Making weight loss easier

Blood sugar levels are under control

More energy

Improved memory

Risk of heart disease is greatly decreased

Cholesterol levels are reduced

Some slow-acting carbs are whole wheat foods, oatmeal, popcorn, most beans, apples, and peanuts.  So in a nutshell, slow-acting or good carbs will have a minimal impact on your blood sugar levels without causing them to spike or drop too drastically.  When blood sugar levels vary wildly, you are more likely to get hungry and binge on the closest sugary or fattening  empty calorie snack.  That is why it is so difficult to utilize any weight loss program and consume bad carbs.  The two just don’t mix.

Good carbs not only keep blood sugar levels steady but they are also full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals which are needed for a balanced healthy diet.  They take longer to digest and their sugar content is lower, so you’ll feel full longer which helps to curb your appetite.

Now that you have a good understanding of what good and bad carbs are, the glycemic index, and why carbs in general are vital to health, here are some tips on incorporating good carbs into your diet:

1.  Cut junk food from your diet as much as possible.  Nothing else needs to be said here.

2.  Buy a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit.  Eat a serving with each meal.

3.  Eat a serving of beans at least twice a day.  They are nutritionally powerful, a good source of protein and they are packed with fiber.

4.  If you do buy grain products, make sure they are whole grain.  For them to be “whole grain”, the first word in the ingredients list should say “whole grain”

Technique #3:  Build Strong, Lean Muscle; Scorch Through Fat

Why is building muscle helpful for burning fat?  Muscles are the driving force of your metabolism.  As you increase your lean muscle mass, your metabolism will follow suit and increase.  Increasing your metabolism is like turning the furnace up on fat burning.  Also, it takes energy to maintain newly added muscle, the main energy source is fat.  As you can see, building muscle will greatly aid in shedding excess fat in “all” areas of the body.

To build muscle and burn fat, there are several keys:

  • Lift weights and lift them with intensity
  • Lift heavy
  • Perform the right exercises
  • Keep workouts short, high quality, and infrequent (maximal results with minimal amount of work)

Lift weights and lift them with intensity

Let’s take a moment to define what intensity is NOT.  Intensity has nothing to do with the duration or frequency of workouts.  A better definition of workout intensity is progressive overload meaning that with each workout you try to improve something:

  • More repetitions
  • More sets
  • Heavier weight
  • Less rest between sets (go from 2 minutes of rest to 1 minute, etc)

Lift heavy

When looking to put on some lean muscle and shed fat efficiently, you need to make sure the stress is above the threshold of what your muscles can currently handle.  This means that we need to perform exercises that are demanding and involve as much of a muscle and/or muscles as possible.  The best way to utilize every single muscle fiber in an exercise is to lift weights that are HEAVY!

Heavy weights will use all of a muscles capacity by calling on every fiber during the performance of an exercise.  You’ll burn tons of calories and turn your body into a weight-loss machine.

Perform the right exercises

Compound exercises are multi-joint movements that work several muscles or muscle groups at one time.  A great example of a compound exercise is the squat exercise, which engages many muscles in the lower body and core, including the quadriceps, the hamstrings, the calves, the glutes, the lower back and the abdominals.  Some other examples of compound exercises include:



Bench Press

Shoulder Presses

Pull Ups

Push Ups

Compound exercises are nice in that they will give you a full body workout faster.  You’ll also improve joint stability and muscle balance with compound exercises.  Compound exercises are more difficult which will keep your heart rate up which provides cardiovascular benefits.  You’ll find that with compound exercises, you’ll be able to lift heavier loads and in turn, build more strength and the fat and excess pounds will melt off versus doing a thousand bicep curls with a light weight.

Keep workouts short, high quality, and infrequent

Your goal should be to maximize your results while minimizing the amount of work you have to do.  Keep workouts short and infrequent; about 45 minutes three times a week should be more than good enough.  This will help you make sure you’ve had enough time to recover between workouts.  To effectively burn fat you don’t need hours of exercise!

If you can manage to follow these three rapid weight loss techniques:  drink more water, stay away from processed carbohydrates and lift weights and lift heavy; you will shed fat, build a better body, feel great and love how you look.