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Things to know on Female and Male Infertility

When something goes wrong with the reproduction system, female and male infertility occur and you are not able to conceive. Lots of reasons are can occur during normal conception but all have to be right combination for the pregnancy to result. Such as the male sperm and the female organs have to be in the right order and the ambience for conceiving has to be correct too. For one of the factors that is not right for man or woman, female and male infertility will occur. If there is a reason to believe that you or your partner can’t conceive, there is a need to find out the cause for it.

The intricacies of Female and Male Infertility

Many different reasons are the origin for infertility in male. One of the prime reason is that the sperm must be healthy for it to be able to travel to the egg, therefore there is a need for it to be mobile. On the other hand, if the sperm count is weak or very feeble, then conceiving will be difficult. One third of the male infertility cause female and male infertility. Azooapermia and oligospermia are two of the most frequent problem encountered by men. For azoospermia, no sperm is secreted, as for oligospermia, the sperm is so minimal that it is not useful. The reason could be that the sperm is not correctly form or they just die before they get to the egg to impregnate it. Problems that are caused by genetic is serious enough to cause female and male infertility. The percentages behind female and male infertility are about the same when you look behind the reason for it. Female and male infertility occur about a third of the time. For conception to occur, female requires healthy eggs and the fallopian tubes to be free from obstruction so that sperm can penetrate it.

The problem of ovulation can also occur in female as the right cycles of ovulation are needed for healthy eggs to form in order for the sperm to fertilize it. One of the most common problems that occur in female is polycystic ovary syndrome. On the other hand, female and male infertility can be the result of birth defects that harm the reproductive organs. The need to visit the physician for Female and Male Infertility It is essential that if there is a need to visit your physician as female and male infertility has to be attended to differently and by different categories of physician. An infertility specialist can assist you in conceiving but the reason behind infertility is necessary.

For female infertility, you need to visit a gynecologist and for men, an urologist. Upon seeking out the reason for female and male infertility, the journey to conception can begin.