Unibet Casino Review

Unibet Casino Review – Biggest Casinos in the World with Over 50 Thousand Active Players

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Unibet Casino Review – In today’s article we will be reviewing Unibet. Also known as one of the biggest casinos in the world with over 50 thousand active players. Everyone is a frequent player and have trusted this website. Unibet is famously known for their fast service and kind dealers.

If you are looking for a good live casino to try then this may be the right casino for you. We are going to provide you with an honest review so that any players can try reading this before they bet their real money into the website.

Unibet has lots and plenty of features for people to try. Starting from their infamous gambling games like poker, blackjack, and etc. On top of that, Unibet is also a classic website that gives their players the classic option to gamble.

Unibet Casino Review

Unibet Casino

Unibet wants to offer good service to everyone in the world including Asian countries. Their game is quite simple and the user interface is also very simplistic. You can do several things in this website which includes depositing some money and playing games.

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You may ask is Unibet safe? Or what is unibet? Unibet is an online casino that was founded in the year 2010. They have been one of the oldest online casinos that exist in the world. People come and go but they will always come again because Unibet have existed for a very long period of time. Which makes their games extremely safe since they have never disappeared.

One major concern for gamblers and players is that their website or online casino that they visit will suddenly disappear. Unibet have also been a lot of sponsors for major football teams and European football leagues. If you watch the TV then you can see plenty uniforms with their name.

Unibet also comes with low fees and high win rates. Even for their online slot casino, players can enjoy a huge variety of online slots. Such as 3 reel slots, 4 reels, and even up to 6 reels. This enhances the player experience for anyone who is interested with slot games.


What Sports Can I Bet On at Unibet?

There are plenty of games for players to explore in this website. Unibet’s focus is to provide a huge variety of games to anyone. If you are looking to play sports betting, poker, blackjack and etc then this is the right website. Gamblers are free to choose what sports that they want to bet on in this site.

Live Betting at Unibet

On top of that this website offers things such as life live betting. This feature is highly sought out for and it is a favorite thing to play. Everyone can do live betting as long as they have the money to do so.

Customer Service and Support

Next up we’re going to talk about customer service. Customer service is always something to worry about because you want good service from a certain website. Especially in this website you can get a quiet quick respond from the customer service team.

They give you the response within two to three minutes only. According to our survey and first time experience, it actually shows a two minute response time. The time of response mean differ when the website might get a little busy. And it might get quicker if the website is not full.

For example if you need a help with doing deposits than they would love to help you. This goes for any other conflict or problem that you may be facing. Unless the problem are things such as accidental bets. There are no refund policy whatsoever provided by their online casino.

Overall the customer service is quite good. We would actually give you a reading of 8 out of 10. The main reason why we say that this website is a high rate that website is because their customer service is always kind. The solutions that they also give to the customers are helpful.

Deposit Options and Payouts

Deposit is much easier to do in this website because all of the players uses diverse depositing methods. Take for example e-payments. You can do deposit by using different types of methods such as Paypal, Skrill, and even cryptocurrencies are now being supported by this website.

Let’s talk about Paypal and Skrill. When it comes to their service, the procedure for doing any type of deposit and withdrawal is fast. Simply login to the website and then choose the amount of money that you want to put in. After you are done, then you are good to go. Click deposit and you can enter your password or pin number.

There are also other types of traditional depositing methods such as debit card and credit card. These methods are much quicker and usually used more often. You can insert the card number and then insert the CVV.

All deposit is secure because they use 3rd party software. Hence there is no way for the website to steal any information from their players. This is a very secure way to deposit and we give a high rating to this website because of that.

Bonuses, Promotions and Rewards

All players love bonuses. Unfortunately, not every online casino give true bonuses with good terms and conditions. Usually the terms and conditions are too much to the point where casinos cannot withdraw the money that the supposedly should have gotten.

Let us look deeper regarding this website’s bonuses and promotions. Because Unibet gives a lot of bonuses that players seem to really enjoy. Such as deposit bonuses, cashbacks, rebates, and etc.

– Welcome Bonus

First of all, deposit bonus is a must for any website. Specifically in Unibet, they only give you 20 % deposit bonus of up to $20. So if you do a deposit of $100 then you only get $20. The deposit that is provided by them is usually for certain methods. So you need to recheck again regarding which deposit method that the website really supports.

Welcome bonuses are given to many players in a day and that there will be no limits at all. Just know that you need to maximize this bonus because Unibet online casino only give it once.

– Friday Reload Sportsbook Bonus

Reload bonuses are given to any players who wants to deposit again and get the instant benefits. Usually there are no other deposit bonuses besides this reload bonus. There are also other days in which Unibet gives their players free reload bonuses.

The ones to keep in mind and track is the Friday reload bonus and Monday reload bonus. These two days are the biggest days for you to do a deposit of around $100. You can easily get around 25 % back in which you will gain around $25.

– Bonus for a Series of Losing Tabletop Games

Unibet gives alternatives and ways for people to even gain more money. That is why their players are easily hooked up to the games that they provide. In order to do this, they even released a bonus that is specifically designed for losing players.

If you feel like you are losing, then try this bonus. Losing bonus is provided if you lose around 50 percent of the time. They will start giving you small checks of around $5 up to $10. Keep playing in their website to find out more about this bonus.

– Rebate Bonus

Last but not least is called as the rebate bonus. Rebate bonus is only given to two different games which are sports betting and slot games. This also includes other types of arcade games such as fishing games, dice games, treasure hunt, and etc.

Rebate bonus is simple in which you place a bet and get a small portion back. There is no limit to this bonus and it is always unlimited. The only catch of this bonus is that the percentage is very small. You are only getting 1 % or up to 5 % each bet. Do this repetitive amounts of time and you will get lots in the end. The rebate bonus is a good thing to try.

Betting from your Phone: Mobile Betting

Unibet offers no phone apps up to this date. This is because they still want to stay in the past and keep their website simple. The layout of unibet is quite easy to navigate. In case you want to play from your phone, then you need to access their website from your phone.

Accessing the URL from your phone may be tricky. Mainly because you need virtual private network when accessing from certain countries. Login to their website and change the view into desktop view before exploring the website. If you do not do this then it will be much harder for you to navigate and look through the website.

The mobile betting experience is not as satisfying as you think. It is enough for players to place their bets but not arcade games. The games that are most compatible with mobile betting are such as sports betting. You can place bets on football matches but not to play slots because it will be too laggy. Instead use your handphone to bet those kinds of games.

Is Unibet the Right Online Sportsbook for Me?

Unibet is a great online sportsbook casino. They give many options for players to bet. It is not just sports betting but they also give options for less common sports. Some of the sports that you can find is also such as badminton, volley, swimming, and etc.

We can honestly say that the odds in Unibet is not bad. They are a good website that gives average odds with not much options. You can get good odds with popular games. But sometimes the odds is too low if you try live betting.

Try to bet days before the match actually starts in order to get the highest and best odds. Because if you bet on the day the match is, then the odds will be much lower.