Duo Gamer

Turn your iPad into a gaming machine.

Get ready to take gaming control to another level with Duo Gamer, the app-supported game controller for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. With two analog joysticks, d-pad, four buttons, and two triggers Duo Gamer allows you to get into the game like never before to play a host of Gameloft’s top-rated first-person shooter, role playing, and racing games (available on the App Store).

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Gotcha GO-TCHA Evolve for Pokemon GO

Gotcha GO-TCHA Evolve

This Nintendo Switch Lite system is the first to feature a metallic gray body with black buttons. The back features striking line art of the Legendary Pokémon Dialgia and Palkia from the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl games in a silver-colored and gold-colored finish.

Nintendo Switch Lite is a compact, lightweight Nintendo Switch system dedicated to handheld play. With a built-in +Control Pad and a sleek, unibody design, it’s great for on-the-go gaming. Nintendo Switch Lite is compatible with the robust library of Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode.