Football Game Rules: Ball and Player

Football Game Rules: Ball and Player

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Football game rules: ball and player – The game of football is a sport that uses a ball in it. As the name implies, there are some standard rules that you must know. This agreement is also in accordance with the rules of the soccer game that must be obeyed.

By following these rules, surely the game will go well. This rule is made on the basis that the game of football cannot be played carelessly.

There must be certain restrictions governing this game so that it makes this game an official sport.

With the rules of the soccer game, players will be given several rules to keep the game conducive. Launching from an agen slot online, for example, one of the rules that must be obeyed is about the ball.

There are standard sizes and types that must be used to comply with international class rules. The rules of this soccer game govern how the ball should be used for matches.

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Football Game Rules: Ball Rules in Game

One of the important and main components in the game of soccer, of course, the ball. By using the rules of the soccer game that are adhered to, it will certainly make the game better.

The ball used in this game is a ball with a round or round shape. This shape is a standard form that cannot be changed because it makes the movement of the ball easier and more flexible.

The rules that also exist in this online slot agent also provide an explanation of the materials used in soccer. This ball uses a rubber material with a layer of skin that is not easy to peel off.

Meanwhile, the standard ball size has a circumference of 68 to 70 centimeters. The ideal ball weight is 410-459 g with the air pressure inside the ball is 0.6-1.1 atm (600-1.100 g / cm²).

Football Game Rules: Rules for the Number of Football Players

Apart from the size of the ball, soccer players also have a certain number that must be obeyed. The rules of this soccer game require that a game must follow agreed-upon rules.

The game will take place with two teams that will compete, each of which has 11 players. When playing soccer, 1 person will be the goalkeeper while the rest will play on the field.

This soccer player also has rules in playing. For example, if someone gets a yellow card 2 times, he will get a red card and must leave the field.

The minimum number of players who can keep the game going is 7. / Dy

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